C-7 to C-8 migration left all zigbee devices inoperable

I followed the instructions step by step and all my zwave devices and automations for those devices came back. But none of my 10 zigbee devices are functional. I've tried all the tricks I read in other posts, but nothing has worked. In the zigbee area I did a "scan channels" and the table showed nothing. I don't know if that means something is broke or what.

What can I do to get past this or diagnose the issue?

Try powering down your new hub, remove power for 10 seconds, then boot it back up.

This worked for me.

If no devices are working, you can check the Zigbee Details page to see if the radio is online. If not, or if the issue persists I would create a warranty case by visiting the following page, as you may be dealing with a hardware malfunction:

Very similar to my experience last week documented here.

It's no consolation, but mine finally did convert successfully on the 4th attempt.

Did the long delay on Zigbee devices switching over, do a number on your batteries in the devices?

No, not many on battery.

As a follow up, I was frustrated and decided to go back to the C-7. I did that, but the devices would still not work (be controlled). So I went back to the C-8 Pro (and yes, I made sure to shutdown all the way before starting the other one up). Within about 10 minutes I tried again. They still didn't work. I walked in my hallway about 30 minutes later and noticed the hall light triggered, which of course it meant something was working. I went back and tested all the other Zigbee devices (mostly lights) and everything seemed to work.

So, about an hour or so later I was going to bed and noticed when I went into the hallway .... you guessed it, NOTHING!!! So I was just a tad mad and went to bed. Got up this morning and now to the best of my knowledge they are working again. I'm at work so I can't say for sure if they stayed working.

As a reasonably technical person (I'm a test engineer) this scenario doesn't make much sense. But I'll have a smile on my face if when I get home they are all working.

I would suggest try this app. I found it fixes weird problems on my system.
it goes and "finds" all the zigbee devices and seems somehow in this process fixes them!
give a try .. it might work for you too.

As weird as it sounds .. I use it to "fix" zigbee network when i reboot ect.
sometimes after reboot .. a lot of the devices stop working.
I use the map tool .. and it goes and find everything .. and they start working again ..
No idea why this works but seems to :slight_smile: