C-7 not being found on network when trying to setup

I have a C-7 and a C-4. The C-4 is my original hub and I picked up a C-7 to upgrade. When trying to setup the C-7 it is not found on my network, 192.168.254…. But when I do an advanced search I enter in the MAC address of the C-7 and it is found but the IP address is, which is not on my network. I have performed a soft reset figuring that would reset the IP address to put it on to my network so I can set it up and migrate. But the C-7 still shows an IP address that prevents it from being seen. How can I fix this issue to get the C-7 on my network?


If your hub becomes inaccessible, you can reset it to use DHCP and reboot it by pressing and holding a hidden button on the bottom of the hub for 10 seconds. There's an audible click when button is pressed. It's mounted on a circuit board, so don't push too hard.



I found the button on my C-7 and it was on the other end of the hub not where it is shown in the picture.

Now the hub is seen on my network and I can set it up. Thank you!


You should set up a DHCP reservation for the hub so you don't go through this again :slight_smile:

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