C-7 keeps having z-wave issues

My C-7 (firmware constantly having issues with all z-wave devices.
After reboot (or shutdown, unplugged power for at least 20 seconds) usually has no issue for a few minutes to few hours. but all of the sudden C-7 unable to interact with any of the z-wave devices.
I have about 20 zwave devices and no issue with zigbee devices. I've also placed the hub away from other wireless access point as well as the nearest z-wave device is only a few feet away.
Any suggestion on how to debug this?

Could you post a screenshot of your Zwave details page?

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Couple questions:

  1. What devices do you have?

  2. How long have these devices been in use? Was it working better before and then stopped working, or has this been an ongoing problem?

A few things that you can look at:

  • For any devices that report power/energy usage, reduce the frequency of reports.

  • Look at the Stats column in Z-Wave details for high or increasing numbers for Route changes or PER and for high RTT Avg, which might help track down problem devices or unstable mesh. (You might find the Z-Wave Mesh Tool useful.)


Here's my z-wave details screenshot:

I have a few of the followings:

  • Zen30 double switches for the bathroom
  • ZSE40 4-in-1 sensors across the house
  • ZEN25 double plug
  • Leviton Decora DZ6HD-1BZ
  • Inovelli NZW37
  • Inovelli LZW31-SN
  • Schlage Door Lock
  • Yale Door Lock
  • First Alert ZCOMBO-G

I've been using all of these devices before with ST and never had an issue (other than ST is having cloud issue), but relatively recent migrating all the devices to hubitat a few months ago.

@tony.fleisher, thanks for the suggestion on reducing the report frequency, I have a few total devices, let me try to reduce the reporting from every 30s to 1 minute and see if that helps.

from the Z-Wave details, there are a few routes less than optimal for sure, but even if the routing is an issue, it would affect that particular device, correct?

The issue I'm getting is all z-wave devices are not responsive, so either all works or all don't

I also noticed have a few ghost z-wave device, not sure how to delete that or if they even cause this issue.

Let me also take a look your Z-Wave Mesh Tool. thanks :pray:

You've got several ghosts...remants of devices that didn't pair properly the first time you tried them. These - lacking clusters below. These can really screw up your Z-Wave mesh performance.

The device just after them, Garage SIde Gate - is that a lock, or just a contact sensor? Typically what you need to do is remove power from the device just after the ghost(s) and then click the Refresh button (may take 5-10 tries) until you get a "Remove" button, and then click that (maybe also repeatedly) to remove the ghost device.

Do you remember if the Garage side gate or Dining Room Dimmer had difficulties getting paired when you added them?



@danabw, the garage side gate is just a contact sensor, not a lock.
I believe the ghost devices when I had problem pairing with Diningroom Dimmer.
Should i completely remove the power for the dimmer directly from the breaker or pull off the air gap switch on the dimmer is sufficient?

I noticed that there are several devices that are S0 paired also (along with the ghost nodes). Isn't that a really chatty security protocol and others had issues with it because of all the overhead chatter?


Air gap is fine, that will kill power to the dimmer.

It may take repeated clicks on the Refresh to get the Remove button to appear. I also try Discover if Refresh isn't doing it.

There have been several people that have reported problems with the ZSE40.
If you can run a test with powering down a few (or all) of these, you might find things improved. Because these are using S0, each report requires multiple messages between the device and the hub, which, like with metering reports can lead to congestion.

If you want to (or need to) run with them, I would recommend adjusting the settings so that they report temp and humidity less frequently by increasing the reporting thresholds (don't forget you need to wakeup the device for changes to take effect), if you can.

(I have 8 devices paired with S0, including 3 of the Monoprice 4-in-1 sensors, and things are working pretty well for me these days, so it is possible to have a stable network with S0 devices.)

Also, you have 3 devices that are not z-wave plus (the 2 door locks and the smoke detector). If you are having issues with these devices, a repair on each device (one at a time) maybe help by providing them with better routes.


Thanks everyone's feedbacks, everyone here is so helpful. Coming from ST I'm still learning all the working gears of z-wave :slight_smile:

@tony.fleisher, how do you figure that my 2 door locks and smoke detector is not using the z-wave plus? AFAIK Schlage should be z-wave plus, perhaps i was pairing it incorrectly?

I was only able to remove 1 out of 3 ghosts, the other 2 still persistent even though I disabled the dinningroom dimmer through air gap. Right the remaining 2 showing as PENDING and clicking the "Remove" button did not do anything despite multiple attempts. Clicking Discover also didn't help :frowning:

Regarding chattiness, what would be considered chatty? Currently I'v reduced the power reporting from 30s to 5 mins, for ZSE40, feels like they don't report often enough.

Would it be easier/better to just reset the z-wave radio and redo everything?

Z-Wave plus requires command class 0x5E (Z-Wave Plus Info) as the first reported commands class (listed as "clusters" in the Z-Wave details page). These devices don't report this command class, so presumably they are not Z wave plus devices.


Try Remove button many times (not quickly, that will jam up Z-Wave with busy messages), not just once. Try it with the higher node devices powered down. If that doesn’t work, you may need a USB Z-stick.

Well, you could reset the Z-wave radio, but that’s pretty drastic, you would lose all your work.

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The zoos 4in1’s are the likely primary culprit as they pair with s0 and become so chatty the mesh crashes. If you look at the compatibility list it states it’s incompatible with the c7. You can get around this by pairing a z-wave stick as a secondary controller and using that to pair to the Hubitat without any security and that will solve the issue. Secondary all your ghosts need removed

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I find that the best way to figure out which device is the ghost node is to get a Z wave stick if you don't already have one and include it. That way you can see what type of device the ghost is then compare it to your other devices and cut the power to those device types. It's not always the next one in the list I had ghost nodes that I didn't even include yet and still haven't included. Just see what type of device's 22,23,24 are and go from there. If you don't want to do the Z stick thing just cut the power to all your devices then remove, the reason you can't remove the ghost is because the Hub can still ping the device.

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One other note on the Zooz 4-in1's: changing to the generic z-wave motion/light sensor driver resolves the issue, tough you lose the humidity reporting. That way you don't need to look at setting up a separate stick/controller.

Make sure the device is configured with the correct sensitivity, reporting options, etc. with the Zooz driver, then switch it. You should see your issues clear up in about an hour. A battery pull on the motion sensors will also help clear things up while you change drivers.

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As Tony has mentioned, there is an issue with the ZSE 4-in-1 sensors. I originally had one in use without any issues. Once I added the other two ZSE's my Z-Wave network was completely unstable. In order to get these sensors working you need to pair these in unsecure mode using an external Z-Wave stick. There is an excellent write up here somewhere, just need to search for it.

As for the ghosts you seem to have, those need to be cleaned up prior to trying what I suggested above.

I now have three (1v1 and 2v2's) of them in use without any issues and response time is excellent.