C-7 Hub unresponsive - needs to be unplugged to use again

Have relatively new C-7 Hub and it's driving me bonkers. v2.3.4.148

Have a few dozen z-wave devices - mostly Jasco and Inovelli switches.

Was initially integrated with Alexa but suddenly stopped working and was unable to re-enable skill. Didn't think too much of it (was blaming Amazon). As I was planning already planning to use HomeKit decided it was a good time to enable the app. Adding devices was smooth.

However, after a few hours all devices become totally unresponsive, though HomeKit (HomePod Mini) or on the Habitat app. HomeKit thinks is making changes to device state, but nothing happens. Apps just sits there with hour glass.

Using app to reboot is ineffective. Must unplug power to restart hub and be able to use app or HomeKit.

Unplugging hub 6-10 times a day is NOT sustainable.

Welcome... sorry to hear about your frustration. Let's see if we can make some sense of what's going on.

When you have a homekit or alexa ssue does the hub still respond via a browser on a machine connected to the same subnet? Do all devices become unresponsive via homekit or alexa, or from the hub's UI itself, or both? And when you say it's unresponsive via the Hubitat app do you mean the iOS app connected to your home network, or outside the home connected via the cloud? Can you still ping the hub from a machine connected to the same subnet?

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When the hub is not responsive, is the LED still green? If so, make sure you disable jumbo frames on the LAN that the hub is on.


Make sure your homepods, apple tv, and phone are all on the latest version of software. Also make sure relaxed security is on as well.

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Thanks for all of the help. Long response for all of the questions. Unfortunately, it seems to be taking only 30-60 minutes to go foobar now.

I have a single subnet for everything. Unmanaged ethernet switch - no controls for MTU.

So far, I have only been trying to control devices while home.

I can view the devices and integrations in the hub UI, but I cannot change any device states. If I click on a device in a dashboard, i just get the hourglass and nothing happens. All devices behave this way. Interestingly, if I manually toggle a switch some states update in the UI, but not for all devices.

The light remains green even when hub is "non-responsive" - i.e. I can no longer use UI or HomeKit to control a switch.

Relaxed security has been on.

Everything is on current versions.

Can you PM me the hub id? I can take a look at the engineering logs as long as the hub is online.


I'm beginning to think this is more of a hardware issue now - even unplugging/plugging it usually doesn't work or not work for more than a few minutes.

Is there a new device on the network that was added right around the time hub started to freeze? This could be a hardware issues, yes, but it sounds a lot like something hitting the hub with jumbo frames.

I don't think so, but let me review everything.

I have checked on the Eero and modem and I don't see any control for the frame size. Not sure what would be hitting it, but I'll start turning down some items on the network and see if it helps.

Actually, there were 4 Ecobee 6 Pro's added recently. Could be roughly the time things started going sideways. HomePod Mini's were added after the initial issues showed up with Echos.

I have unplugged or disabled almost every network device in the house - only PC, iPhone, and one HomePod remain. Behavior is the same - sometimes I can get one voice command or Habitat app command in, but more often than not I can't get anything to happen.

Can you also post a copy of your current z-wave details page in it's entirety. Also post your events and apps logs (want to see percentages)

Ugh! Probably should have seen this sooner. :frowning: Logs were getting flooded with info messages about a single Z-wave switch that appears to have failed. Messages posted about every 0.6 to 0.7 seconds. Force removed the device as it couldn't be excluded and things seem to be better. Will post again with logs and z-wave details if problem persists.

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I consider this solved. Everything has been stable since the failing Jasco switch was removed.

Thanks to all for the help.


Also make sure you don't have any ghosts! Glad removing that switch helped.

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