Button to cancel alerts questions

I am trying to solve a failure to arm scenario. Here is the scenario

I auto Arm my house at a set time.

Problem: Sometime a door is still open. HSM sends an alert but the alert does not clear and the system does not arm.

In HSM I see where you can use a switch or button to cancel alerts.

I have also found where you can use RM to use a button or switch to cancel alerts.

First question: Does a person do both or one or the other?

Second question: Lets say I successfully implement say a virtual button to clear the alerts, now I need to wait for the contact sensors to report "closed".

then arm the system.

Now I have played with different waits, I guess I am looking to implement this correctly in order to successfully create this rule for this problem.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help.

For your first question, you can use either HSM itself or Rule Machine; Rule Machine lets you do a lot, but it usually takes more work to set up. I prefer to keep things like this inside HSM wherever possible, but it's really whatever works best for you and your preferences.

For your case, you might want to consider Rule Machine (though you could also do part in one and part in the other, or possibly even keep something in HSM--you could probably use the same button to cancel alerts and arm, as long as you know to wait until all the sensors are OK until doing that). Here's something that could work in your case:

You may need to adjust some things as needed for your setup (e.g., I'm assuming you want Armed-Home). I'm also using "Wait for expression" rather than "Wait for event," which will proceed if the contact sensors already happen to be closed by then; if you want to wait for an actual "contact closed" event to need to come through after that action is reached, you can switch to event instead.

So here is the first question that comes to mind: If I use RM and I trigger using a button push, what pushes the button. This event usually happens at night.

Maybe I need to configure it in HSM, then finish it in RM, as you suggested

Thank you so much for helping

You? :slight_smile: This trigger is (normally) meant to respond to physical button events from a real-world device you have that generates such events. Examples include the Samsung SmartThings Button, the Zooz ZEN34, Lutron Pico remotes, or a number of modern in-wall switches and dimmers that support "multi taps" or Z-Wave Central Scenes. I assumed you had something like this connected to your hub already.

If you don't, you can still do something like this -- you'll just need to think of a way to trigger the rule besides a (phyiscal) button event. You could use a virtual button on a Dashboard, or you could create a virtual switch and expose it to Alexa, Google Home, HomeKit/Siri, or something else and turn it on (or off) that way, for example. Possibilities are limited really only by what kind of event you can make trigger the rule that makes sense for your environment.

This is my virtual button, tied to a Button Rule to cancel alerts and disarm.

You might also want to look at Nyckelharpa, an excellent add on to HSM. Been using it for years and it works great. One of its many capabilities is to force arm even if a certain sensor is active/open.

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