Button Controller Version 1.6

Button Controller Version 1.6

Button Controller has been upgraded in two respects. These new features are only available in newly created Button Controller instances. Your existing Button Controller instances will still use the previous version of Button Controller. You may choose to remove and recreate an old instance should you need any of these features for an existing instance.

Eight Buttons

You may now define actions for up to 8 different buttons in Button Controller (previously 7).

Integrated with Rule Machine

You can now run rules, run rule actions, run actions, set Private Boolean, stop actions, pause rules and resume rules from Button Controller.


Is double tap not supported on a Pico Remote?

Correct, Pico supports pushed, held and released. Fast Pico supports just pushed and released.

Thanks for confirming.

@stephack ‘s ABC now supports double tap. Not 100% certain that pico is included in that though.

DoubleTapped will only be an option for drivers that support it. Picos unfortunately do not support 2xTap...yet anyway.

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Some of the drivers implement held in software, but double tap isn't something we would try in software.
So it's only available if the device provides it.

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What devices do support double tap?

I don't have a comprehensive list but the 2 that I use are
Remotec ZRC90US
Almond Click

Remotec ZRC-90US, Xiaomi Aqara Button (up to 6), and Hue Dimmer supports up to 5 via the bridge and third-party software (not sure about on HE).

Not sure whether hubitat would treat these devices as buttons, but from what I’ve read in the ST forum there are z-wave switches by Homeseer and GE (the newest generation of z-wave plus switches, I think) that support double-tap.

Ill publish a matrix later to display all HE supported buttons and capabilities


I just updated to latest, which stated button controller 1.5 would be available... but when i remove and install button controller app, it says Version 1.0.0/---

The —- is for Button Controller, the 1.0 is the parent. Install one then you’ll see the version number. You have 1.5. We will fix the patent version number to remove the confusion.

@bravenel, is it possible to add the capability to trigger a RM Action in button controller? I have several actions set up to be called by multiple rules and buttons. I have created rules for the buttons but it would be nice to be able to contain everything under Button Controller.

This idea has floated around from the beginning. It is currently not supported, but I'm going to take another look at adding it.

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Done. This will be in the next release.

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Great, thanks Bruce! You guys really do a great job!

This feature is now available in Button Controller. You can run rules, rule actions, set Private Boolean, etc.


Already playing with it.

Thanks Bruce!

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