Bulbs to scroll though colors for set time period

Hello All,

Might anyone know a way to script color-changing lights for the 4th of July coming?

Would like to set 4 lightify color bulbs to scroll through red, white and blue,
to dim into the color to full brightness then dim out
and dim in again in the next color and so on rotating through the three colors for all 4 lights.

Run from sunset for say 6 hours, Maybe be able to set them each random in the sequence and or an option to keep them sequential :slight_smile:

lights are named
Front porch light Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta

I haven't used it so can't say if it can do all of what you want at the same time, but this app looks like it should support at least some of what you're asking for:

If you don't want to use custom code, you could create this effect with Rule Machine, but it would be a bit of work to set up.


I second the Lighting Effects recommendation. Start there, and see if it does what you want.

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Thx All..

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