Bulbs not changing to on

C8 pro

When I set a dimmer in RM 5.1 it will set the dimmer correctly but the switch still reports off.
This bulb is currently on at 100% Color Temp 2703. It is causing some of my rules not to work. The same problem exist with the room lighting app. It does turn on the bulbs but they report off.

What driver are you using for this device? This will show as "Type:" on the device detail page if you aren't sure.

Asking because it might be related to recent changes with this driver:

Changing to the "Generic..." equivalent would be a workaround for now if you're not relying on any features in this specific driver.

I use this driver on all 36 of my bulbs.
It has worked forever until 134 came out. I will change it out and report back.

Right, so:


Can confirm similar behavior with the CT driver too.

I just started noticing this exact behavior on my IKEA bulbs using the Advanced ZigBee CT Bulb driver.

I would guess it started when I updated to or .134

Yes it is driver related If I switch to the Sengled driver I do not have the problem.

Are you using Sengled bulbs? Most of them were never intended to work with the "Advanced..." driver in the first place, and I'd use either those drivers or the "Generic..." ones for those devices anyway.


Yes all Sengled