Built In Minoston Mini Power Meter Plug Driver reporting power draw every second!

So I have a few of these outlet plugs I got awhile back. I went to use one, set it up with the built in driver, and the thing is reporting power usage changes every second if they are changing even by 1watt.. I feel like this thing is going to flood my z-wave network with a lot of unnecessary traffic... I really only need it to report energy changes if greater than 50 watt or so..

I've tried two other drivers out there that I found, but those either don't have energy reporting, or they are also reporting every second.


  • Shane

Do any of the driver provide the option to change the reporting period or the change in power reading? Some drivers (I believe) can send commands of sorts to the physical device to tell it to only report on larger changes in certain readings. Not sure if that is the case for your devices, but at would encourage you to check the Device Edit page to see if there are any options in the Preferences section that could control this.


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I am thinking you have the MP21ZP? Looks like it should have some parameters you can set to adjust the reporting. The driver may not expose them but they can be set manually.


You can use this driver to set any parameters you want (switch to it then switch back when done)

If you need more explanation just let us know, someone can explain it further I'm sure.


I discovered the hard way that Z-Wave config page is not correct. The correct settings parameters are in the manual that comes with it - and currently located here:


I was able to set it to 50W and that stopped it flooding the z-wave network.

Awesome, good to hear. Be aware if you SAVE with the driver that has the parameters wrong, it may inadvertently set it back how it was before. Is the driver you are using designed for your device / listed in the compatibility list? Or just one that happens to work? If so we should report it to the devs so they can get in there and fix it. According to the compatibility list the proper driver should be "Minoston Mini Power Meter Plug"

EDIT: I just realized that maybe you are saying the page I linked you to is wrong and the driver may not have any options in it? You used the manual to figure out the correct settings. Sorry for the bad info, that's not the first time I have found wrong info on that site, I guess I wont trust it any more.

That's correct.. That built in driver doesn't have the "Power" time report frequency and Wattage (difference) reporting parameters. So I had to switch the driver to the Basic Z-Wave tool driver and issue the parameter change there, then switch back to the built-in driver.

‒ Power Wattage(W) Report
This parameter determines the minimum change in power wattage(W) that will
result in sending new power report to the main controller.
Parameter =5, size=1byte, value=1W (default)
value range: 0—5W
‒ Time Report
This parameter determines minimum time that has to elapse before sending
new power report to the main controller.
Parameter =6, size=4byte, value=1Minute (default)
value range: 1—65535Minute

Thanks again!

  • Shane

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