Built-In Drivers for Qubino Flush 1 Relay, and Qubino Flush Dimmer

Is Hubitat intending to also add system drivers for other Qubino devices like the Flush 1 Relay and Flush Dimmer? One of the most useful things about these relays is the addition of the i2 and i3 inputs which can be wired up to dumb devices (e.g. PIR switch or button) in order to integrate them as z wave devices. If you guys are planning on adding system drivers for these relays will you support the usage of i2 / i3 as child devices as well?

There are some user drivers, originally built by @ericm, that implement this which I'm currently using (although they do need to have the temperature sensing capability commented out to allow the Google Home integration to work correctly with them):

[Hubitat/qubino-flush-1-relay.groovy at master · bendeitch/Hubitat · GitHub]

[Hubitat/qubino-flush-dimmer.groovy at master · bendeitch/Hubitat · GitHub]

There are a number of different child device drivers that go with these depending on the device type selected for the i2 or i3 inputs. They can be found in the repo folder:

[Hubitat/Drivers at master · bendeitch/Hubitat · GitHub]

Actually I just bought 2 Qubino flush 2 (the dual relay) and I have no idea how they will work with the system driver...

Did they work OK with the built-in driver?

Yes, they are working good.

The internal driver works fine for them. I have two Qubino Flush2, one for a year, in use on ST before I migrated here. I used it initially with an Enerwave driver and Custom Commands in RM. Worked just fine til 3 weeks ago when I added a 2nd Qubino Flush2 and it picked the internal driver. I decided to give it a chance and I liked it enough that I changed the old one over too.

I stopped using the internal driver and switched back to my custom drivers as I was seeing an intermittent failure to update status with the internal driver.

For the flush2?

Aye, the Flush 2. I have a an app which switches the lights on and off based on the state of a motion sensor, a music player and an outlet running my PC monitor. With the internal driver I noticed that sometimes it wasn't switching on the lights, when I looked at the device states one of the lights was incorrectly still showing as switched on already. Since changing back to the custom driver I've had no problems.

Could you post the link of the driver? Maybe that's why sometimes a light I have doesn't work properly sometimes with the app one to many from cobra.

Thanks for the info

Yup, I put the links in this post:

However, it's a bit of a pain switching to it as even if you exclude and re-pair the relay, the internal drivers pick it up and create their child devices. I had to create a little custom method I could click on after changing the driver to the custom one, that method would delete the internal child devices and then call the method on the custom driver to recreate them. I'm at work at the mo. but I'll post the extra routine when I get home.

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Excellent thanks!!

Can you post your custom method? :slight_smile:

@xap do you know if your driver can support the 0-10v dimmer? I am using it but for the life of me cannot get any value out of I1 input which takes 0-10v as an input.


I don't think so as the device drivers are pretty specific.

Yeah, I did some more digging - I found a smart things driver and ported it, but got something wrong because it doesn't report any of the values on that output

** Edit **

After removing/excluding/reboot etc. I was able to re-add and use the driver with hubitat changes. Right Now I'm getting reporting on the sensor and a temp reading (both wrong) But there are a bunch of settings in the configuration for this device, so probably need to dig into those.

Here is the ported smart things driver, it appears to work ok ,however, the sensor value seems to be wonky, don't think its the code, so not sure where to go from here.

Does ok mean it turns lights on/off and dims reliably? Do you know if this would work with 12v LED strips?

Hi @xap. Long time after your post I know but I'm completely stuck and hoping you can help!
I'm using a Qubino Dimmer and everything works great with the main L1 switch but I can't figure out how to add get the child devices to show for L2 and L3. I see you directed to a list of drivers, I've installed a momentary child device driver into the driver code but can't figure out where to go from here or how to get the child devices to show under the main Qubino Dimmer device.
Any advice?

If you're using the built-in driver you should see settings for "Input 1 Child Device Type", "Input 2 Child Device Type", and "Input 3 Child Device Type".

Have you changed those settings to the type of child devices it should create?

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Thanks for the info!
I managed to now resolve it. I found using the default driver that the i2 and i3 inputs responded inconsistently.
Using the Ericm drivers allows you to set these as push button inputs and now work every time. They are slightly delayed, but reliable.