Bug Return in Room Lighting, changing periods before off event leaves lights stuck on

If a light is activated and then deactivated, and during the off event countdown the time period changes, the off command gets cancelled and the light stays on until the next activation/deactivation event. Not sure if this happens with modes, but I'm seeing it with Time Periods.

Here's a copy of the log, its also the same bug that was previously fixed in this thread here:

Could you please post the RL setup page screenshot.

Based on your logs, it appears that your time period change activates the lights (a Means to Activate). So that would stop a pending off.

At 16:00:00.068 Time Period becomes Evening 1
At 16:00:00.076 There is a time Activation Event

That Activation Event should cancel the prior timer to Turn Off. That's just like saying, "oh nevermind, I really want the lights on now".

Upon further examination, if you have Adjust on Time Period Change set as an Activation Option, the logs would be as shown. That is a bug, and I'll get it fixed. See logs after fix below:

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Awesome thank you