[~~BUG~~ REPORT] Water Valve Does Not Close-Resolved ;Previous Version Issue


It appears that when you ask RM to send the "close valve" command, it is actually sending the "open valve"command. If you need any additional screenshots let me know. Thanks.

At 12:13:19 I asked for the water valve to be closed (which should have done nothing because it was closed) but an open command was sent instead.

This was a bug in an older version of Rule that has since been fixed. What version are you using? What build are you on?

See the Release 2.3.1 release notes. This was fixed in 2.3.1, Rule 5.1.

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Thanks for the answer, Bruce. I missed that bug in 2.3.0 (which is the version I'm still on). I'll update tonight.

Note -I updated title to indicate the resolution in case anyone is on an older version, they should update ASAP to avoid ,failing to stop a flood.