Bug in the 3rd reality zigbee temp humidity not honoring reporting parameters

doesnt appear the reporting parameters are working ... is it a bug in the driver or the sensor itself?

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crap.. at least it does seem to be honoring the temp change amount settings but not the timed settings. and that does cut down on reporting so should make batteries last longer.. Was hoping to find a device like this 2 aa or aaa batteries for my wine fridges to replace the aging st214 temp/humidity sensors.

nope not honoring those either.. basically makes it unusable .. as i am sure it will eat through batteries reporting that often.. is there a firmware update to fix this?
has anyone reported the issue to them?

I use temp/humidity sensors to control my bathroom exhaust fans. The ones I use a Tuya model : RH3052.

The ones I got were branded by MOES:


They are currently listed as out of stock on Amazon, but there are other brands based on Tuya technology. Tuya sells the technology, but the devices are sold under various brands.

I have used other devices from Third Reality, but not the humidity sensors.

no idea, they post in this community though i don't know the account.

no used those the crappy coin cell batteries do not last in cold environs like a wine cooler.. that is why i was looking specifically for onese with multiple aa or aaa batteries.

Check this thread for the account - Request to add support for new device - #8 by bobbyD

thanks sent them a pm.

in fact i just took my test one out of service. i just replaced the battery a week ago and it is already down to 55%.

I haven't been looking at mine until now.
I did not change the defaults of 1%RH and .5C change, yet.
Here is RH. It does seem to change with 1%:

Here is temp. If .5C change = .9F change, then it's whacked out.
Reminiscent of the Hue motion's treatment of lux: You're getting a timed interval whether you want on or not.

I have not tried any other settings. My stock batteries are still at 100%.

it appears to be the humidity reporting on mine every minute. and everytime either temp or humidity report it also reports the other.. if humidity doesnt change for some reason the temp seems to work bettery and report less regularly.. I have tried to set humidity to 10% 20% disabled doesnt matter, reports every 1% change.. which in a wine fridge is all the time .

also what device handler are you using as my reports look totally different i have temp and humidity come out on separate lines..

I did a select in the logs.

ya i see now.. anyway no matter what i do it seems to return 1% rh and .5 degress C reporting.. i see the driver doing the zigbee reporting commands to configure the reporting changes but they never seem to take effect no matter what i try.

Mine doesn't do .5C reporting, as I've shown above.
I disabled both and temp still seems to be coming in on a periodic basis (6 minutes?).
No reports yet on % but it's in the basement, maybe not fluctuating as much as your cooler.

thats because that is less that .5 degree c.. there seems to be a time override if it doesnt change by .5 if i ignore the humidity it would be ok as the .5 would not report that often or the 5-6 minute override the problem is the 1% humidity i cannot control and that changes very often in the wine fridge ie

but in general it doesnt matter it is ignoring the parameters and it needs to be fixed.. reporting every minute for a humid change is not good for the mesh and will kill the battery.

unfort. i cannot leave it in my mesh reporting every 30 secs.. removing it.. and on to try a differnt device...shame

I suggest wrapping the sensor in scotch tape - this will prevent any condensation on the contact points of the battery - which will mean greater battery life.

its not only the battery i am looking for, but the noise on the mesh than the battery as well.. Not healty for the mesh to have this thing spamming it when i dont need that level of reporting and i have many other devices.. i have another sensor coming with aa batteries to try.. hopefully better luck with that one.

Did you try the zigbee reporting configuration driver by @kkossev ?

Also, wouldn't a CR2 battery be much better? (e.g. Centralite)