[BUG?] - Motion and Mode Lighting Apps

Noticed some of my lights weren't switching off following the 2.2.4 update and this is still the case with I think I've tracked it down to the "Minutes to delay before off" feature.

On some of my automations I have this set to '0' so as soon as the motion sensor sends the inactive message, the lights go out. Prior to 2.2.4 this worked fine. With 2.2.4 this must be set to the default of 1 or a higher value, otherwise the lights remain on.

This is definitely an issue with the automation, as I see the inactive message being received by the hub from the device, but no action is taken unless "Minutes to delay before off" > 0.

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I'm experiencing something similar, only worse, in simple automation 1.1, with a contact sensor.
edit: I tried changing the delay from 0 to 1 and 2, but no effect.

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Actually, I've changed two rules to have 1 minute and 4 minute timeouts and they're still not switching off. I've tried toggling the "don't turn off if it's already on" feature and that has no effect either, the lamp stays on.

In every case the inactive report from the motion sensor is received and logged and operating the lamp manually works fine, so no communication issue to that either.


The blue bubble works, the red bubble does not.


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Same problem. Nice catch!


Yesterday I switched lighting rules made with RM to this app.

This morning I found my external lights were still on, they were supposed to turn off when mode changed to day. The rules are pretty simple, I triple-checked them, 3 switches on in EVENING and the same switches off when mode=DAY. No motion sensors, only light switches (shelly).

Didn't test the minutes delay since I didn't even see that option. :slight_smile:

Which app? Mode Lighting does not turn lights on/off from modes. Check out the documentation: Motion and Mode Lighting Apps - Hubitat Documentation

Mode Lighting is only used for a special case situation where lights are turned on and off by switches, and the idea is to force different dim levels on the lights thus turned on (and possibly adjust those levels upon mode change).

If you want to cause lights to turn on or off from a mode change, use Simple Automation Rule.

Does .148 improve anything with the original poster's (and mine) issue?

Simple Automation

I'll answer my own question: no.

You will have to provide a bit more information about what is not working for you.

Have you read this thread?

Yes, and @Bago provides no details. My note was addressed to him.

oy vay

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It was described above. Sorry, didn’t see a need to copy his graphic.

Yep, I can reproduce this. It works the other way, with triggering on open and then off when closed. I'll look into ti and report back...



This will be fixed in the next release. A rather stupid mistake on my part....


Thanks again.

was this causing the delays in automation or are we talkiing about another issue? thanks

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