[Broken] MyQ Lite Application

I contacted the Home Assistant developer and was told his most recent fix was just broken by MyQ.

MyQ/Chamberlain seems obsessed with removing all non sanctioned aka non paying apps from their system.

Time for me to get this local.

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I wish I had more to offer here but wanted to give some major props for keeping this running as long as it has been. Super impressive. Dealing with MyQ is a never-ending battle, but there just aren't many other great alternatives.


Knock on wood mine is still working. No errors never worked any better than it has in the past months. :crossed_fingers:
My biggest complaint about locally run is the notifications of the door closing before it closes is a royal pain. I'm set up locally when this does break and I do have a notification that's somewhat works, but that's my biggest complaint.

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Typically this is easy to fix by changing the panel that the tilt sensor (or contact sensor) of attached to.

Hard to know whether that’ll work for your installation without photos,

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Thanks. If you look how the garage door works with my q. It flashes and beeps before the door actually starts moving. The sensor to detects the door open and closed fine. However with the external button push the door starts moving right away. I use an alarm device and flasher application that allows me to flash the lights in the garage and sound to the alarm it works okay. Not as well as the garage door itself.

Garage door local options


I spent some time yesterday deleting the old driver and app and installing this package via the package manager. The device reports the battery and all activity correctly, but I can't perform any activities on the door. I press open or close in the device and nothing happens (I also don't see anything in the log to indicate an attempted activity). Is this to be expected? Or did I misread the previous posts and this package will definitely no longer work?

Did you rename your door in Hubitat? I had that issue when I changed the name in Hubitat (Overhead Garage Door) whereas logging into the MyQ app had it as "Garage Door". When they matched, it worked, when I renamed it, they stopped working. I just changed the name in MyQ app to match Hubitat, and all was good again.

@ lpakula Thanks, that is a good though t - I have since made them the same.

I may have missed an error before after all. I am seeing these in the device logs:

MissingMethodExceptionNoStack: No signature of method: user_driver_brbeaird_MyQ_Garage_Door_Opener_832.parse() is applicable for argument types

What is it saying after "argument types". Looks like something is missing in the parse() code

@lpakula Thanks for the reply! Here is the entire error:

org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass.MissingMethodExceptionNoStack: No signature of method: user_driver_brbeaird_MyQ_Garage_Door_Opener_832.parse() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [zw device: 11, command: 6603, payload: FD , isMulticast: false]
Possible solutions: close(), push(), main(java.lang.String), use([Ljava.lang.Object;), wait(), run() (method parse)

Looks like a zwave device that cannot be parsed. What are you linking that is zwave to this app? Is that the door sensor?

@lpakula I am trying to link the myq device itself. It has a tilt sensor attached to it. Did I pick the wrong driver?

Maybe? Might need the authors of this integration to chime in. My MyQ needs and external sensor, so for me it's the "MyQ Garage Door Opener" driver, When I check Hubitat Package Manager, View Apps and Drivers, these are the versions I'm seeing:

  • MyQ Garage Door Integration Documentation | Community Thread
    • MyQ Lite v3.2 (app)
    • MyQ Garage Door Opener v3.2 (driver)
    • MyQ Garage Door Opener-NoSensor v3.2 (driver)

@lpakula Thank you again! Which driver are you using in the device itself? I tried using the 3.2 "No-Sensor" driver (I did not have it installed before) this time, and I am seeing this error:

org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass.MissingMethodExceptionNoStack: No signature of method: user_driver_brbeaird_MyQ_Garage_Door_Opener_NoSensor_833.sendOpen() is applicable for argument types: () values: []

I'm using the sensor driver since I have a contact sensor on the door. Do you have garage door device installed? I suspect there is nothing for the app to point at since.

Now that you have the driver/app installed, might be cleaner to remove the device/app (leave the drivers/app code), and re-run the app to mount the door device properly.


New installs of this driver are failing with login errors. It's not only on Hubitat, but on many other third party, unapproved by Chamberlain/Liftmaster apis attempting to use the MyQ system.

Many HE users are converting to local garage door methods. Some suggestions at this link

@bobbyD Kindly change the title of this thread to
[Broken] MyQ Lite Application




My MyQ Lite app is failing at Login. I've read the posts about local control of the MyQ Chamberlain door opener, but I must say I am scared off by them. I don't want to get into soldering terminals or hooking up a Security 2.0 device and cluttering up my garage. It's already cluttered by a Homelink Bridge I needed to make my Homelink in my Honda Pilot work with the Liftmaster. I read somewhere a long time ago about using IFTTT to interface with MyQ. Is that backdoor still open?

What did you expect in light of this announcement from Chamberlain: