Broadlink RMo Pro integration

I realise that the broadlink rm pro can be integrated reasonably easily with the rm plugin on an android device with the bridge enabled.TZhis seems reasonbaly reliable and also reasonably quick to respond as well.

I'm also aware that most people use zigbee or zwave devices with the hubitat rather than bridging rf or ir devices to work.

However it would be good to at some stage drop my android box (my tasker tasks are slowly being ported over) however without the broadlink rm pros being natively supported in hubitat then the android box will never be removed...

I use multiple broadlink rm pros for my air conditioning, some of my lights (the RF switches with some tricks Ive done to get the 2 way comms possible) and source/imput changes on various amplifiers/soundbars.

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Hello my friend from Ecuador, please could you explain us step by step how I can add the broadlink products (Switches, TVs), I can't do it.


it has been discussed a fair bit in this thread. Always good to have a search of the forums.

This approach works ok for me (as per my post), however dropping the requirement for a rpi or android box would be even better. I understand this is likely a small market so the effort may not be overly important.

Hey Guys, native control from Hubitat is out in beta. Only a driver & an app to control locally the broadlink devices.
Quite amazing, no tasker or rpi or android needed


Thanks for the heads up as I hadn't realised. This is a great effort and hadn't expected it to happen.

However it's a big job for me to relearn all Rf and ir commands plus move the tasker tasks into hubitat so may put that on hold for now... But this will be great for new devices using the broadlink, new tasks/rules and perhaps moving some of the more critical tasks over to hubutat only.

And now the integration is gone via the Withdraw :frowning:

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