Broadlink IR/RF remotes integration (RM3 Mini, RM Pro, RM4 Mini/Pro)

I installed this last night because I wanted local processing. It seems to work great (Thank you!) but for one small item. Sometimes when I send a command to turn a device on a second instance of the command is sent immediately afterward. This is noticeable on devices that use the code as a On/Off toggle, like my TV and fireplace. Any suggestions?

Pictures of the command setup in those rules will help folks troubleshoot, as well as relevant log info.

My setup involves the need to intentionally send 2x-same-command in some cases, and I haven't experienced any misfires with 2-instead-of-1 or vice versa.

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I have logging turned off, but I will turn it back on and send the data when it happens again. It is intermittent.

@tomw After having followed this thread since it was started, I have finally migrated my Broadlink devices across to your driver. The driver typically works well and I love the sequence function. However, I have noticed my RM3 Pro stop responding a couple of times over the few weeks I’ve been using it. (My RM4 mini is unaffected and works flawlessly.) It happens when the hub is restarted. The event viewer for the RM3 shows:

It is then stuck in “initializing” and any codes sent to it are not actioned. Hitting the “Refresh” or “Initialise” buttons do nothing, but clicking “Save Preferences” kicks it in to gear again:

Is this anything anyone has struck before?