Brilliant Smart Home Controller

Just discovered these and they look pretty cool! Anybody have them?

Might want to check with @arlomiller and a couple others in this thread:

I have one, and as much as I wanted to like it, it's in a Box on the shelf.

Tried it in a 3-way location, and it wouldn't ever quite work (odd wiring as I recall). Looked around the house, and every single pole switch I have (outside of a fan) is in a double or triple gang box, which won't work - or contains no neutral wire.

My situation is probably unusual, but in the end, I could never find any place to put it. One day, I'll pull a neutral in one of the upstairs bedrooms and stick it there.


I guess I'm "poor" or just cheap, but $300.00 for one single switch, that's a huge no. I'm not sure why HA companies insist on pricing themselves out of reality(at least my reality).
And if the company goes "iris" then what?
For 300 I'm getting 2 more hubitats and 2 small tablets, and I'll be running when the web goes dark.


Don't disagree with you at all. For me when I purchased it on some crowdfunding site (can't remember if it was Kickstarter or Indigogo) it was more of a "that's a cool toy" let's see what it can do purchase, with no real intent of actually deploying multiple units across the house initially. I had hoped that if it worked, and it went into some sort of Mass production, the price would drop into the much more reasonable ranges...

Not to mention, I bought it during my less wise SmartThings days....

But you're spot on. For me, It's an expensive doorstop in the end, and that function would be better served by a tastefully colored $0.66 brick.

I have several brilliant controls and am thinking about switching to hubitat. Has anyone tested this? While they are an expensive lightswitch the ability to control lighting, sonos, etc without a phone or computer is nice. Any experience with these playing nice with hubitat?

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Sadly I never really got my Brilliant to work in a useful way.

Since these are wifi devices, and I'm not aware of any Hubitat integrations for them, I suspect the answer is "no".

However, reading the Brilliant Home controls page here: Smart Home Products That Work With Brilliant – Brilliant Support

Indicates SmartThings compatibility, which means it might be possible to have a Hubitat integration, but given the high cost and seemingly low adoption rate (at least based on the typical forum response here), I don't really expect a formal Hubitat integration.

I haven't looked for the SmartThings integration, but you may be able to port it if you can find it on the SmartThings site.

Of course I may just have missed mention of it here. Hope I'm wrong about it! Good luck.


I have 4 brilliant switches. They range from single pole to 4 pole switches. I love them!!! Im hoping that there will be HE integration soon.