Bought house with Hubitat. Complex. Need serious help sorting it out


I recently bought a house with almost everything automated. Prior owner moved out of town. It would be easier if I were starting from scratch, and could figure it out one step at a time. However, system is built and very complex. I tried going through the documentation. I am reasonably tech savvy. But I cannot figure it out. I need to be able to operate my home.

I would be glad to pay for consulting help, or access to staff time, etc. I am a reasonably smart guy and I will figure it out quickly. I just need a mentor. Glad to do it remotely with zoom, etc.

Suggestions to whom I might turn?

Thanks for your support.

All the best Peter


The community would be happy to help you for free, but we'd need more details.

  1. First, who is the Hubitat hub registered to? Are you able to access it over the LAN?
  2. What model of Hubitat hub was in the house?
  3. If you join the "Hub owners - Hubitat" group on this community, you will have permission to post screenshots and other pictures that will be invaluable for someone to help you.
  4. Do you have an inventory of the smart devices in the home (brand, model number)? If not, it would be a good idea to make one.

In the meanwhile, start with the Hubitat Documentation.


+1 on happy to help out or even jump on a call and go over what things look like.
I'm interested in learning what you are running into, as if I ever sell this house we live in now, the next person would be in your same boat.


If/when I sell, I'm taking out everything except Lutron Caséta lighting - because that comes with a well-supported app. And specific directions on transferring ownership.


Welcome aboard and congrats on your new home. You came to the right place. Here you can ask questions and our community members as well as staff can further assist you figuring out how to make sense of what you've inherited with your new home.


Thanks for the quick and thoughtful response and the opportunity to jump on a call. I will do my best to organize some questions and share some issues I am having. I will also share them with the forum. I appreciate how quickly people offer to step up. .... I am new to the forum and want to be respectful of privacy issues. What's the best way to share contact information and find a good day/time?

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I suggest using private messages for sharing sensitive information. Check the following post to learn how to send a message.

We also received your email. If you'd like further assistance from staff, don't hesitate to send me a private message as well.


Did / could not discuss with the seller what support might be available from them in terms of familiarisation or support for the system, possibly on a paid basis?
The designer of a system should be able to help far more rapidly than bringing other users up to speed


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