Bond Bridge

I just installed motorized shades and a Bond bridge. I install the bridge and app. I want to be able to setup a schedule to open and close the shades. The Bond app has a scheduler but it doesn't work.
Can Hubitat do that with the Bond bridge?

There is a built in Bond integration: Bond Integration | Hubitat Documentation

Once you bring the devices into HE, you can schedule or automate it however you want.

I use it for a few ceiling fans and it works great for that. I can turn them on/off or adjust the speeds. I have them setup so they basically come on when we go to bed and then turn off in the AM based on when we leave the room and turn the lights off.

I think there are people using it for shades but I cannot speak to that personally.

You can definitely use the Bond Bridge to Schedule your shades. You could also do it if the shades have an Alexa Integration or Google I would Imagine.

Before I got the Bond bridge, I controlled my shades using HE via Alexa with Echo Speaks. It worked great, but it's not a local solution and will not work if you lose your internet connection, I now use the bridge.

I do it by setting up Virtual shades in HE and all my scheduling rules control the virtual shade.

I then have rules that change the actual shade whenever the virtual shade is changed. Since I can't get feedback though the bridge from the actual shade I use the virtual shade to track it's position. This can mean your virtual and actual shade shade can get out of sync. It will definitely get out of sync if you manually change the shade outside of HE. For me and the wife, we rely on using Alexa and schedules to set the shades. We never use the shade remote, so it's worked really well for us.

@terminal3 Thanks very much for the help.

Can you please tell me how you set up HE to change the actual shade when the virtual shade is changed? I have a virtual shade setup but don't know what to do next.

Sorry I am fairly new with HE.

Thank you!

This is a very simple example of my rule. If you open the virtual shade the actual shade should open and vice versa. I use the private Boolean to only allow a new command to be sent very 10 seconds to give the shade time to transition.

If you want to add position changes then it will depend on what is available from your shades and remote. I have a brand of shades called Leviosa. You can't set a position. It has setpoints you program and then you can raise or lower the shade to the next setpoint. My actual rule is much more complicated as I use variables to track the current position and old position and then decide if I need to send a raise or lower shade command. Hopefully this will give you an idea where to start.

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