Black Friday 2019 deals on devices

I see a post from a year ago so I thought I would create a new one.

I recently arrived from Wink and I'm having some great success due to the community. Of course, that means I'm now thinking about all kinds of other things I can do that I either couldn't before, or it would have been really painful.

Personally, I'm looking for light switches and a small tablet or large phone for a simple dashboard (for visitors).

Please post any deals here!


There is a great thread over in the ST Community that is being kept up to date with all of the upcoming deals. The first post is a consolidated list that is always updated as new deals are discovered.


Ri$ky click.


Amazon has Leviton and GE z-wave devices on sale at a decent price:

Leviton DZ6HD z-wave dimmer for $35
GE Enbrighten 46201 (2nd gen) z-wave switch for $30, 2-pack for $50
GE Enbrighten 46203 (2nd gen) z-wave dimmer for $35, 2-pack for $60

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Couple of deals on SmartThings sensors as well.

Smart Things Sensors

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It looks like some of the Centralite devices may be on sale through Amazon. I just got a temperature/humidity sensor for $10 less than the one I bought about two weeks ago.

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I just looked and the Centralite Temp & Humidity Sensors are the same price as when I ordered 3-4 days ago. I have one arriving tomorrow to try out. So far I've been impressed with the Iris sensors (made by Centralite) that I got very cheap on eBay.

[insert final jeopardy music]

It looks like they dropped in price on the day I ordered (November 21st) from $34.99 to $24.99.

That sounds right. I think I paid $35 about two weeks ago.

Zebra Blinds ( has what appears to be a pretty good sale going on right now. Discounts vary by product family. They carry Graber (Z-Wave) blinds - custom made. I have ordered one for my office to try out. I ordered cellular shades and my order indicated 30% off.

50 inch Hubitat Dashboard controllable through community driver for $149.99 free shipping


$100 off regular price of Sonos Beam now $299

$25.95 for the Dome Leak Sensors which is a bargain! (Anyone have experience with these on Hubitat?)

Ring Alarm for $139 with "Free" Echo Dot. Not sure if this would work the same on, but if you're not interested in the Echo, you can choose that option and you might be able to get the Ring Alarm for even less than $139.

Also the Zooz Z-Wave Plus 4-in-1 Sensor ZSE40 VER. 2.0 at The Smartest House is $29.95. Which is a heck of a savings over the Aeotec!

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Energy Avenue has a sale going on Lutron Caseta dimmers, picos, wall plates, and pedestals. It is the most annoying web site sale I think I have ever experienced. You unlock other items that are on sale by ordering one item. I didn't see any way to go back and edit your order. The dimmers (without Claro wall plate and without the Pico that comes in the kit I usually get) is $44. Not a bad price. Those have been $54 at HD (with the Claro) and $64 with Pico and Claro. If I hadn't needed them to finish my project I would have exited out of the website.

You have been warned.


Here is another.


Shameless Black Friday plug :wink: