Bi-directional Sync to SmartThings

Has anyone put together a bi-directional sync between Hubitat and SmartThings that auto-creates devices in both platforms?

My goal is to have the smoothest possible transition, and maybe even keep SmartThings for mobile control and push notifications.

If it doesn’t exist, I think I could hack something together with MQTT as the backbone based off of a mix of device handlers from ST Anything and the app control model from the MQTT integrations that are out there. Problem is I would end up with a “thing/ device” per capability. Maybe not so bad for things like Grafana mapping and having a generic system to link to Home Assistant. HA has auto discovery via MQTT and I use that with a node red flow that replaces the bridge node.js app that’s out there to integrate with ST today.


We will be releasing a uni-directional sync from ST to Hubitat in the next release. There exists a Community App for a uni-directional sync from Hubitat to ST.

You probably only need one or the other, even if your long term plan is to run both systems. We will be posting an article about a recommended set of steps for transitioning from ST to Hubitat. The key is to figure out what your plan is going forward, and use the tool that makes the most sense.


Thanks! I looked at “Other Hub” which sounds like what I want. My plan is to put Hubitat in control of my local devices as soon as possible. It looks like I can do that in the short term with Other Hub, as long as I can view the value of any sensor in the frontend.

My wife likes to check the status of the nursery temp, humidity and light via the SmartThings app, so as long as value shows up, I think I’m good.

My understanding of the design makes me think I would have to move all of my automation that links to anything out of the default contact, motion and switch devices that Other Hub has to Hubitat first.

See the links on the Wiki on how to do this:

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I also want something like this, and I tried Other Hub Viewer, but it is, as noted, one-sided (Hubitat to ST). ST to Hubitat would also be cool, but bidirectional sync of the same devices is really what I want. I am using Home Assistant with MQTT at the moment (and the MQTT SmartApp/app installed in both ST and Hubitat, with minor modifications—I haven’t looked at the ported “Hubitat MQTT” app but can’t imagine it’s much different, but I left the “smartthings” prefix in both for simplicity since I’m using the node.js bridge and don’t know if it only looks for that). However, creating each device is a lot of manual work–I have to add the MQTT device to HASS, then set up automations in HASS to send MQTT commands to ST and Hubitat when the device changes (I at least don’t have to handle changing it in HASS itself since if the MQTT configuration is correct, it will send and receive those correctly).

My reasoning is that I want every device I can paired to Hubitat (because it’s local and almost as widely-compatible as ST). Ideally, I’d get rid of ST entirely, but right now it does some things that Hubitat can’t—manual device control when away from home (or really at all; the Hubitat interface works but clearly wasn’t designed for that), mobile notifications (“hey, you left this thing on but you’re not here”), and I’d love to keep using ActionTiles, which means I’d need the devices in ST and synced both ways. I’d really like to not have them paired to ST, however, because I bought Hubitat for its local control.

Chris, I’d be curious how you are doing this with HASS and eliminating the MQTT bridge node.js app (and how autodiscovery of MQTT devices is working for you in HASS; I swear I tried that but still have to manually add each to my configuration.yaml file).

It would be nice to have built in MQTT support within Hubitat. Having a MQTT broker built in would be very nice for integrating with lots of external devices, not just with SmartThings and have a MQTT Publisher app that is integrated would also be very nice.


The latest version of the Other Hub integration allows you to see a bunch of different types of Hubitat devices in SmartThings, but the Hubitat switches, dimmers, alarms, locks, and valves can also be controlled from SmartThings.

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