[Beta] Wink Relay - LAN Integration

Looks like there might be a typo in the driver in the parse method.

        log.info "Top Button: ${msg.json.TopButton}"
        sendEvent(name: "topButton", value: msg.json.TopButton)
        if(msg.json.BottomButton == "on"){
            sendEvent(name: "pushed", value: 1, isStateChange: true);

Should be if(msg.json.TopButton == "on")

I'm away from a PC, but I can tweak it later or you can just modify your driver directly.

Thanks that fixed it. Haha next time I should try and scan through the code.


Has anyone had any issues recently where the relay randomly reboots?

Are you running any other apps on the Relay? Maybe running something like a web app or dashboard?

The Wink Relay is pretty underpowered and can be a bit finicky - especially when running multiple apps.

Is it fine if I uninstall the king root program after I unroot the device?

If you unroot the device, then the custom STWinkRelay app won't work.

That being said, as far as I'm aware you could uninstall the Kingroot app after you've rooted device.

I've had a couple people press so hard that the relay came off the wall, causing it to reboot :laughing: Anyone have a solution for that?


At least I know the Wink Relays are durable... :wink:

I've been tempted to scavenge the parts from one of my Wink Relays and use it with a wall mounted tablet.

I understand the comment was made in jest, but you can use the terminals from the Wink Relay power-box to power a tablet and most of the tablet mounts actually screw into the wall. :slight_smile:

I love the design concept of the Wink Relay... if only it were a bit faster though! I replaced the main Wink Relay in my last home with a wall mounted tablet. Trying to decide what to do in the new house and this is back on my mind after your post!

For reference, here's what an 8" Fire Tablet running SharpTools.io looks like next to a Wink Relay.

I ended up going with a 10" in that particular spot and use smaller tiles to fit more data onto the screen and a simpler color scheme to highlight insecure parts of the home (eg. garage open, doors unlocked).


How did you convert the wink relay mount to give power to your tablet? Also, how did you get the wink relay to keep all the lights powered on?

Depending on the difficulty, I may want to do this because my relay keeps resetting randomly and I can't use my kitchen lights. Do you know how I can get the original wink relay APK back onto so I can do a hard reset. After following the instructions, my relay no longer can hard reset because I switched the APK.

Any updates?

Hi Hans. My apologies for the delayed response as I must have missed notification from your first reply. :slight_smile:

In the example I showed above in the second photo, you'll notice that the tablet is installed above where the Wink Relay used to be in the first photo. And while it's not completely shown in the photo, the switch below it was converted back to a normal physical on/off switch. So I wasn't using the Wink Relay at all any more, nor pulling power from it or the switch.

In my particular case, I had some cabinetry on the other side of the wall which had a power outlet in it. I simply drilled a hole through the wall and into the cabinetry and then ran the USB power cable through the wall.

Another popular solution is to install a Recessed Electrical Outlet behind the tablet (and typically connect power to a switch nearby) - the Arlington Recessed box is popular among the tablet-mounted crowd.

All that being said, you can scavenge power from the Wink Relay wall unit. Some people specifically buy broken Wink Relays just so they can use the in-wall component as a power source for their tablets. I don't recall which pin is which, but from what I remember one is power, one is ground, one is for the top relay, and one is for the bottom relay.

Regarding the Wink Relay, I would note that the STWinkRelay app doesn't remove the original Wink Relay APK in any way. It simply disables it. I don't understand why you wouldn't be able to do a hard reset?

From the Wink Relay wiki on Wink@Home:

  1. While holding top right switch (physical button) on Relay, press soft reset button underneath faceplate
  2. Continue holding top right button until “System recovery” screen appears
  3. Press bottom switch twice, or until “wipe data/factory reset..” is highlighted
  4. Press top switch once to select “wipe data/factory reset..” option
  5. Screen will display message - “Confirm wipe of all user data? THIS CAN NOT BE UNDONE”
  6. Using bottom switch, navigate down until “Yes - - delete all user data” is selected
  7. “Wiping data… Formatting /data…” screen will appear, followed by original “System recovery” screen
  8. Press top switch to select “Reboot system now” option. "ERROR" may appear on screen, this is normal.
  9. Relay will reboot, and should eventually load main Relay home screen. If home screen does not load, Relay may require one more soft-reset (press button under faceplate).
  10. Relay should now show newest firmware. If this is not the case, simply perform update again

Hi guys, is there any way to have the two relay switch created as two individual switches?

Is there any way to update this program so that it automatically turns gives power to the two switches even when the relay resets? I want the power to always be constant on and never off.

Not in the current device driver design. The original version in SmartThings was written with a parent-child device setup, but at the time that I ported it over to Hubitat there wasn't support for parent-child devices.

I'm happy to accept a Pull Request if you decide to make the changes to the driver though!

Not in the STWinkRelay Android app itself - I can see why you'd want that in your particular case! You might be able to setup a rule in Rule Machine to automatically switch it back on though. :slight_smile:

I actually ended up making a rule after I made the comment and it works nicely.


Right I remember on ST side there was a way to do so. I wish I could unfortunately I don't know what I would need to change on the driver to make it work as parent-child

Do you know if there's any way I can make a custom action to turn off the screenBacklight. I can't see to get that as an action for the relay.

NVM I figured it out. I added a custom command by added the relay through a temperature sensor.


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