[Beta] OwnTracker - Map your location with OwnTracks!

*** BPTWorld apps are no longer being developed or maintained. Thanks ***

Introducing 'OwnTracker'
Map your location with OwnTracks! Requires OwnTracks Presence and a free Google Maps API account.

This app/driver is an add-on to Owntracks Presence.
Special thanks to @brianwilson for bringing OwnTracks to Hubitat!


  • Display single user maps
  • Display multi-user maps
  • Log/display location history
  • See nearby places
  • and more!

Important Reminder: Apps can only use the data shared with it, especially location apps. If the phone doesn't send the info - the app can't react to it! So before posting issues, PLEASE remember to check your debug logs and make sure that your phone is sending the data!

Apps can be found on my GitHub or by using Bundle Manager.

When reporting problems...

  • Be sure you are on the latest version. I won't troubleshoot an older version.
  • Turn on debug and screenshot the issue happening in the log. One line or just the error doesn't cut it. I need a log.
  • Post the screenshot of the log with an explanation of the problem.



Some things OwnTracker can do...


Hi @bptworld ,
As I understand it, this app requires an active account in Owntracks app.
I am already using Life360 and Locative to manage locations and automations in HE.
Should I start using this additional app or do you see a future development (or an existing one that I missed) to allow multiple Life360 users display on a single map like you did here?

OwnTracks doesn't require any accounts in the same sense as a Life360 account. With OwnTracks, geofence data exists in just two places:

  1. The device you run the OwnTracks app on
  2. The device you send OwnTracks data to (for eg. your Hubitat hub). There is no cloud data storage.

So it is far more private than Life360. Also, your location history isn't being monetized.



It requires that you use the Owntracks app. No account required.

That's up to you. Right now, I don't have any plans on adding the new displays to Life360 with States.


I am just starting to explore OwnTracks. Will this add-on show anywhere the phone is, like find my phone or will it only display locations configured in the OwnTracks mobile app?

I haven't setup Bryan's app as it was more info then I needed so I can't answer you in regards to this app. But in the OwnTrack thread there is a lot of good info on how to use the lat and lon returned from OwnTracks and put them on a google map. If you want all the bells and whistles then Bryan's apps are top notch so I'm sure whatever was done in the OwnTrack thread was augmented by Bryan's stuff.

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@bptworld Brian, Am I just not finding where the documentation is for this app? I think I have it set up far enough that data is showing in the virtual device but I am not able to figure out how to get the map to display on a dashboard. The statusTile is working

@bptworld any update?

Nope, see post #1

I don't see any documentation in post 1. I poked around your GitHub and did not find any details for how to use this app there either. I am trying to duplicate what you show in post 2. I can get the leftmost StatusTile to display some stuff (some entries show null) but not the other tiles. What do I need to do to clear up the NULL entries on the status tile and how do I show the location history and maps like you show in post 2?


Edit to add:
I tried turning on google map debug and now I am getting this in the logs every time I open the app:

Hi @JamesTX10, I just started playing around a little with this and I can offer a couple things I came across. The biggest thing I found is that not all the tiles and info populate right away. Being my impatient self, I did the same thing and hit the Google debug button and the app crashed with no way (that I could find) to restore it. You will probably need to remove the app then re-add it. Once you get the app up and running again the 'null's you have in the status will not clear until you set a waypoint and actually get an update with your lat and lon 'in' the waypoint. Also, all the history tiles and singlemaps won't populate right away until you get updates from Owntracks. I would recommend (which worked for me) getting everything setup, including some waypoints, verify Owntracks is properly updating then let it go for a day or 2. After that all the tiles/data shown in Bryan's should be populated. :crossed_fingers:

Did you figure out how to display the map tiles?

Yes, once they get populated you simply put them on the dashboard as an 'attribute'. They won't show up in the attribute selection drop down list until they get populated by the driver which, at least in my experience, took a little bit of time of getting updates from OT. I was in the same boat, I knew I had everything set up right but couldn't get the maps and location history as an attribute; I gave it a day or so (travelling around with the phone, of course) and everything then got created and updated.

Thanks. I reinstalled the app and am seeing the gMapSingleImage now but I have a new error in the logs:

I only have a single waypoint entered in this app as well as the OT app on my phone. Does the location history for this app only cover entered waypoints?

Not in my experience, I have 2 phones and 3 waypoints (home and 2 work). The history is actual approximate street locations that got populated by the app. I haven't seen that error in my logs so it's a guess that Bryan's app is requesting the street data from the Google API and something is failing during that process, or Google just isn't providing the data. Maybe double check your Google API key? After re-installing maybe it got gorked.

API key is correct and the gMapSingleImage is working fine.

I am also seeing a delay in the device getting updated information and the statusTile attribute being updated. For example, I plugged in my charger and forced OT to send an update while I was on the device page in hubitat. BatteryStatus changed to charging as expected but the statusTile did not update after a min or so I hit refresh on the device page and that updated it but changed the device name back to NULL on the statusTile. I also saw this delay when running an errand last night. OT had reported new locations and the device page showed the current LAT/LON but the gMapSingleImage was still showing the previous spot.

That exceeds my expertise on this driver. It could be happening the same for me, too. I haven't put it into my 'production' system yet. I'm still playing with it so I haven't been stressing it.

I'd recommend just keeping any relevant notes on what you're experiencing, as I will, for if/when Bryan returns from his programming hiatus we can provide him with good debugging data.

I am putting a pause on this for now. $2.61 in a few days from the Google Maps API usage.

I'm having an issue trying to get this up and running as well. So far, I've gotten the OwnTracks app installed and working. After verifying that this was running correctly, I tried to set up OwnTracker.

I created a new device of type "OwnTracker Driver", then went to the app and added the device under "Pick the OwnTrack Users to track" and set a user-friendly name. I did not set an avatar. Then I went into Waypoint Options and defined a few waypoints.

Next, I went to my existing google account and created an API key, pasted the value into the appropriate field, and... nothing. Can't seem to get it to wiggle... nulls everywhere in the "statusTile" field, even after a few days.

It could be my API key is wrong, even though I cut-and-pasted it. But is there any way to verify that it's even getting the "region" correctly?