[BETA] IKEA TRADFRI Shortcut Button

Does this shortcut button actually have two buttons?

There are only one physical button (button 1) but it some times sends an event for a button 2. I can't remember when. Perhaps when it is done initializing.

When you say it wouldn't configure, what did it do? Just interested, as switching driver can be a little tricksy at times and I might be able to tweak the driver to make it more intuitive.

If the device was already joined then it was likely in sleep mode and wouldn't have responded. The best way to reconfigure these buttons is to press them and then send the configure command within a couple of seconds, while it's still awake.

I was finally able to pick up a Shortcut Button.

Paired it to Hubitat without issue.

Trying to create an automation with the built-in Button Controller app and I get the following error:

app:96 2021-09-05 01:26:52.297 pm
error org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.InvokerInvocationException: hubitat.exception.NotFoundException: Child app not found for namespace: hubitat and name: Button Rule-5.0a (mainPage)

First off, am I using the correct Hubitat app to automate the Button?

Edit: rebooting the hub resolved the problem.

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Any solution to the battery consumption issue?

I'm on battery #3 in 2 days.
Great button, but super hungry.

Connected it to the Tradfri hub to see if there was a firmware update, but it was up to date.

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I soldered a usb wire on mine and plugged it in.
It runs fine on 5v. It’s in my workshop so it’s no big deal for me. I’m glad I only bought one.

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That is how all my tradfri buttons look like now:


I use a 3v ac/dc adaptor to power it.

Interestingly, after doing this I notice the device send a "button 2 push" event every time the power comes back. So I use that to trigger needed tasks after recovering from a power outage (turning off some bulbs, restarting appliances, resetting states)


Three batteries in two days? Wowsers.

I think I'm getting about a month at the moment, but that's still ridiculous. I've got one here I replaced the battery in on 19/11/21. It still reports 3V, but whether that can be believed...

I was also going to pull out the Tradfri hub and peek for firmware updates, but you've saved me a job for now, thank you!

I connected mine, as well as the on/off button and the motion sensor, to the Tradfri hub and there weren't any firmware updates for any of them in my region.

I connected the on/off button to my pi running zigbee2mqtt and z2m found a firmware update.

I'm going to toss another battery into the shortcut button and see if z2m finds an update.

This battery drain problem is happening on all the major non-ikea hubs, so it's something ikea needs to address.

Perhaps they'll fix it as Matter gets closer.

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Not sure what this successful "pairing" relates to, but, it's still on the same battery from July...

My other 2 died so tried @birdslikewires Trådfri Driver and their batteries lasted 4 days and 8 days.

Good thing Ikea has a 1 year return policy. :wink:

I was wrong, I am now seeing that there is a firmware update for the shortcut button.

Mine is currently on 2.3.105 and being updated as I type.

Firmware was released about a week after I had connected everything to the Ikea hub.

Interesting, thank you - I'll see if I've improved matters with this test one and then try updating it.

Where did you get the firmware and how to you upgrade it?

You normally use the Ikea Tradfri hub and app to update the firmware.

You can also use zigbee2mqtt with a zigbee dongle on a pi to do it, but when I tried that it seemed to have failed.
I ended up possibly killing an ikea on/off button doing that.

Has battery drain ever been fixed with these things? I grabbed a few as a test and on day 2 only 1 out of 4 is still alive. They are totally useless to me like that and I'll go the Xiaomi route if this problem is impossible to fix. Is there a fix I am missing?

Nope. Still going on. I gave up and returned all my IKEA buttons. Waste of time.

Thanks. I've packaged all mine up and will return them. I was pretty sure that was going to happen. It's a shame it has never been fixed as it is a really good looking button for the price.


Just giving a nudge here to see what the outcome of your firmware update was relative to the battery consumption issue.


I've left mine connected to my Home Assistant/zigbee2mqtt setup.

Both of them have been sitting at 87% for over a month so far.
The other one I have is still in the box awaiting deployment.
I see @birdslikewires has added support for doubletap to his latest driver.
I'll have to give that a go and see how it works and how the battery drain is on the Hubitat side.

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