[BETA] IKEA TRADFRI Shortcut Button

:warning: This driver is deprecated, check [RELEASE] IKEA Zigbee drivers for at better solution.

I managed to get a driver working for the IKEA TRÅDFRI Shortcut Button (article number 403.563.81)
And so here we go. I am by no means an expert in HE drivers so there might be some nasty quirks.
A code review would be appreciated.

The device should be put in pairing mode by pressing the link button under the battery cover 4 times.

If this driver is added after the device is paired you will have to run the configure command manually.

The Shortcut Button has to be activated before running configure by pressing the it once.

In some markets the article number seems to be 203.563.82


Nice work! :+1:

Is this the up/down button that comes with the Fyrtur blinds? I paired that with this driver and it doesn't appear right. I might have the wrong device.


Select Markets Only ATM

TRÅDFRI Shortcut button

"tiles" isn't a thing with HE. And that's the end of my drivers knowledge... :slight_smile:

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Perhaps Foster Brooks helped with the code. :sunglasses:

Edit. This is for the single button controller, not the two button controller that comes with the IKEA blinds.


Thanks, that is what I figured. My 2 button blind controllers are in a box - no integration...yet :slight_smile:

They worked great with ST. So did Google. Hopefully someone will modify the code. As it is now these

mostly work. Sometimes it takes a few presses to achieve the desired result. I really do like that it is a 4 button controller. Top left is open, top right is close, and bottom left is 50% open. The 4th button has not been assigned.

Pairing with HE was easy, and a driver is available.

It doesn’t work for mine, unfortunately. It doesn’t register anything when I press the button.

Edit: Just removed it and re-added it. This time, it added immediately using this driver and works great. I had trouble using the button to toggle with the IKEA outlet, but that seems to be an issue with the outlet reporting its status back to Hubitat. I swapped the outlet out for a Sylvania one, and the toggle works perfectly.

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback.

I have one of these devices (from the UK) which has a different item number 404.677.65 which I bought in error (not realising IKEA would create a Zigbee device which only works with other IKEA devices :cry:

I have installed this driver as a custom, but not sure how to get the IKEA device into pairing mode? Any suggestions?

how to get the IKEA device into pairing mode?

Try pressing the link button 4 times. It is placed under the battery cover.

Magic, thanks. Now to see if it works...

Summary: No
Managed to get it to pair and associate with this driver, but noting in the logs (debug mode on) when button pressed. Also tried other drivers I could find and still no joy.
Giving up and sending this button back as I can get cheap simple buttons from Sonoff which work reliably.

Thanks @martin4
I picked up a couple of the IKEA Shortcut buttons (203.563.82) and they seem to work reliably for Push/pushed.
But, Hold/held isn't working and they both killed the battery in a couple days.
Overall pretty nice device, hopefully some easy tweaks to the driver to get it working 100%.
I'll grab some logs tomorrow.


Hold/held isn't working

I just, as in a couple of minutes ago, made a fix to that functionality. Check the newest version.


Once this driver is finished, a driver for the IKEA two button remote that comes with their blinds would be much appreciated.


Still not working.
Push is fine.


Push and Hold doesn't seem to do anything.

Push and Hold

Except, when I next do a Push after a Hold I get a new entry on the "Current States" portion of the Device page called batteryVoltage.



If I then refresh the page the batteryVoltage entry goes away until I repeat the process of a "Hold" followed by a "Push".

"Trace Logging" doesn't seem to add anything to the logs.

Push and Hold doesn't seem to do anything.

I have a new version with som extra Zigbee bindings. Give it a try.

My one and only button of this kind works fine, so I am debugging in the blind.

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If you are in the UK I would be more than happy to send you my non-functional button to play with...

If you are in the UK

Thank for offering, but that's not the case. I'm from Denmark.