[BETA] Hubitat Package Manager

Could you show ALL the notifications/update settings? I just tested with what you have shown there and I got a "Home - Hubitat Package updates are available" on my mobile app.

Were you able to test my settings I posted above?

Could you show the updatesNotified that appears in the state variables? Is it true or false?


Ok that is why it's not showing for you. Basically the way I have it coded is, if it says "updates are available" but then you never install any updates, it won't remind you every day (I figure that will be annoying). So it sets that updatesNotified = true flag once it sends the notification. That flag gets cleared when you do an update (of even just one package). I do see a bug where the autoupdater doesn't clear that flag (which I'll fix) but since you're not using autoupdates, that's not your problem. Have you installed any of the available updates since the last time it notified you? If not, it is working as expected.

Yes, I have installed updates, so maybe that it is why it is true. Again, I haven't received update notifications in months now, so many, many updates with no notifications. I update probably 3 times a week, or maybe more often depending upon who publishes updates and if I have time to apply updates.

It always shows updates available on the Hubitat app page (in green). So I think Package manager knows there are updates, but it just isn't notifying for some reason.

Then I’m not sure why it’s not sending. That flag is cleared whenever you install updates manually. Next time you update a package can you check if that becomes false or if it got stuck as true?

Will do, but I bet it is stuck. I think I installed updates yesterday, and there are no updates currently needed, so it probably should currently be false.

Is there a way to reset it somehow? I have tried to do a repair install on HPM with no change.

Bingo. Mine is saying true also. I did updates a few days ago and it's still true. I am also not using auto updates. Come to think of it, I believe I may have missed doing an update once before the next check and that may have been when my issue started. That was a while ago though. I have received 2 notifications since then and those times, I did the updates right away. Then it did not notify for several updates I had to find manually.

For the record, I actually would not mind being nagged. I have it set to check at 8 AM and notify. But, I cannot always do the updates immediately when notified and would not mind a reminder if I forgot. Maybe have an option to turn off repeated notifications (or an option to opt IN to repeated automations)?

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I finally performed a repair on the 2 apps giving me the issue and that fixed the problem.


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Same here. I would prefer that it reminds me again if for some reason I cannot or do not do the updates.

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Really? I thought it would be very annoying. Personally I don't just update because a developer pushed out an update (I've been bitten too many times by devs pushing bad updates and breaking my automations!) I usually wait a week or two before installing the update so things "settle down." I mean, developers here aren't exactly professional dev shops, it's not like people (me included) are doing rigorous QA or anything before pushing!


I haven't published it yet, but if anyone is brave and wants to grab the latest HPM code off of github it might fix the issue. Note: It won't be fixed until you install at least one package update. Hopefully though after doing an update that updatesNotified flag gets set back to false now.

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Wish I had seen this before I just ran an update
I am not seeing the updated code. Is it in another repository??

I couldn't find it either. And I dug all through Github. Maybe set to private?

Oops, I saved it locally but never published it, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dcmeglio/hubitat-packagemanager/1.8.0-dev/apps/Package_Manager.groovy

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Updated, had an update to do on an different app, so did that once I installed HPM update. Updates Notified is false currently.

So I guess we will see in the next couple days what happens.

Thanks for looking at this.


Could you check my PR for waytotheweb user?

There are issues with your PR that need to be corrected before I can merge it.

Aargh! Sorry about that. Fixed it.