[BETA] Hubitat Package Manager

I just tried to open the app and I'm now getting this on both my hubs.
Any thoughts?

GitHub is down https://www.githubstatus.com/

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Yeah, Github is incredible slow when you can get to it right now.

Ah. Ok thanks.
Will leave it awhile.

Looks like it might be back up.

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I just released version 1.1.0. Not a ton in the way of new functionality, but a lot of bug fixes. You should be able to just update the HPM using the Update feature built in. However, a few of the bugs that I fixed may cause some duplicates that you just haven't noticed. If you run into issues (please report them!) but you might want to uninstall the app, reinstall it fresh, and do a Match Up to make sure everything is cleaned up. Hopefully once we're out of beta no one ever has to do that again!

New features:

Bug fixes:

  • When a package had an upgrade that was just for an app, drivers could become unassociated with the package and cause duplicates (Thanks to @storageanarchy for helping me track this down!)
  • Fixed a few other bugs that could cause duplicate drivers and apps
  • Now use an API call to look up installed drivers which is much more reliable (Thanks to @markus for showing me this existed)
  • Letters in a version number will no longer cause an issue (Thanks @markus)

A new version of the command line tool was released to support the new manifest features. It is available at Release hpm-1.2.0 · dcmeglio/hubitat-packagemanagertools · GitHub


This has come a long way. Thanks to dman2306 and all the app authors who took the time to integrate with this app. :heart_eyes_cat:

I think this is going to help a lot of Hubitat users, especially new ones or people who just don't dig around in the settings much. One example where this app has been extremely helpful is when Bryan (bptworld) has pushed multiple updates to his new weather app. A couple clicks, and :sunglasses: everything is up to date!



Just a suggestion, when updating or matching installed apps etc, is it possible to only allow the next button to be clickable/active once the updates have completed.

I have been keeping an eye on this.. Kinda waiting for it to be full release.. But if it works out well I will most likely join in as it would simplify things...


This is just so great. Would it be possible to have links to the repositories of the developers from within the app? This way I could easily go to each and check what they have developed.

Alternatively we could have a list of all apps "available" vs installed. I find it hard sometimes to know what might be available that might benefit me or be interesting.

I realize what I am asking for is basically an app store :slight_smile:


If you go to "install new app" you can see a list of all the available apps. Choose "from repository" and then category. You don't have to actually install anything at that point. I did this a few times to see what is available.

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It essentially does this already. If an action is "in progress" and you click Next it just reloads the current screen. It shouldn't cause any harm.

I'd love to build out something way more robust for finding packages. Unfortunately, to "do it right" means I need to build out a server side piece to have searching, and all the things you'd expect in a true store. I'm not currently in a position financially where I can afford to take on the costs of hosting such a system. While I've received a few donations that I'm super thankful for, what I've received so far would barely cover one month of hosting charges and I'm not really looking to take on that kind of recurring expense. It is a terrific idea and if there's someone out there who'd donate a place for me to run an ASP.NET web application and a SQL Server database, I'd be up for it!

Nice! It's similar to what I was thinking and works for now :slight_smile:

Cool thing that will be in the next release:

Automatic updates and update notifications :slight_smile:


Adding a couple other developers should have added: @adamkempenich, @cuboy29, @fblackburn, @nh.schottfam, @markus

Awesome. I’d love to see this implemented in HE itself.

I’ll get my goods supported in it :slight_smile:


@aaron I've already added manifests for my new Apps and Drivers and they are now auto-updated when I build new versions, they're just not included in the main repository list yet. Will do so when what I currently have as a Closed Beta is released. This will be soon, it's just a matter of getting documentation right.


@bptworld @dman2306

getting an error with the latest Package Monitor version updating WDG

I manually updated WDG and it still registers as needing an update, but stalls after downloading

Was able to update another app (hub rebooter) successfully

If you go to the update screen, what version are you currently on of WDG and what version is the new version? I'd like to try to reproduce this

Edit: Think I found it, just released 1.1.1 with the fix


HPM upgraded itself, but did not refresh the screen after completion -- no errors

Manually input new code to be sure I was on latest version & was able to update WDG


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