[BETA] App List Driver

Small driver that parses the Apps page to produce a JSON string with each App Id and Name, along with a link to the parent App, if one exists. Run the refresh command to update the state variable with the App list JSON.

Installation and Usage
Install the driver using HPM or manually from here on my GitHub repository.

With the driver installed, create a virtual device using the App List driver. Run the Refresh command and shortly after refresh the browser. The state variable should then appear, populated with the Apps installed on the local HE hub.

The text can be copied and pasted into various utilities to format it for easier reading. I use Notepadd++ with the JSTool plugin.


Change Log

2023-01-25 - Initial Beta Release

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Possible additions I may make in the future could include:

  • Keeping a history of past Apps, allow for debugging of errors relating to uninstalled apps
  • Expanding to include Apps across multiple HE hubs in the one list
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:slight_smile: It's purely data-related at this stage, not looking to drive anything with the Apps. Not that I wouldn't do that elsewhere, or that others could do that.

This came about as some test code for an App I was thinking of writing to tie together Apps and devices that have a related purpose in the HE setup, e.g. those related to lighting in a particular room. I wanted to present them on screen with links to each App and Device, so I needed to find a way to get the App List, which was this code.

The idea for the App:

Some conversation whilst writing the code:

I'll eventually move the code into the App if I ever finish it, but thought others may find this useful in some way, off the back of some conversations around unsolicited HTTP calls from external sources trying to contact an uninstalled App, hence the potential improvement to keep old Apps previously detected in the App List JSON, rather than replacing the list every time a Refresh is done.


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