Best Zigbee Multi Sensors?

After seeing on these replies I am still amazed there are no real Zigbee equivalents. I may not be able to drop z-wave after all. I love my Aeotech Multisensor.

I would only use the Lux sensor to determine the default dimmer levels. In the evenings it would be darker and darking the day it would be brighter. I would never use Lux inside for both on and off. Only for default settings.

The one Aeotec that I have is connected to power and yes I agree. It has been rock solid. Its worth every penny. I was just hoping there was a Zigbee equivalent.

In the exact same boat I have them only because they can be contacted to power and repeat and it's really annoying that there is no zigbee equivalent. I have been informed that there may be a powered one being designed/built at the moment though so hopefully that's happening soon and it would be ZigBee 3.0.

I've been (slowly) replacing my MS6 with Aqara ..... I find that an Aqara Motion Sensor (motion & light) and an Aqara Environment Sensor (temperature, humidity and pressure) can combine to work as reasonable replacements for the MS6.

Obviously it's a compromise, but price makes a lot of difference if you're kitting out many rooms! And having two separate devices means you can locate each one optimally for its specific purpose.


I bought this zigbee multi sensor and I will receive it in a few days.

Which driver should I try to use with this sensor ?

We don't have a driver that will accommodate everything this device offers.
We have drivers that cover temp/motion/humidity and temp/motion/illuminance, but not all 4 together.

I also buy this sensor, but I tried all generic drivers, and I can only see motion status. Which driver I should use if I want to use motion+temperature+illumination?

Hue motion sensor drivers have those attributes, not sure if the built in driver will work or not.

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Unfortunately with Hue Motion it doesn't work at all, even motion not work.

That's the only "zigbee" built in driver I know of that does illuminance. The "Generic Zigbee Motion/Humidity Sensor" driver does the other three Mike mentioned above but not illuminance, if that doesn't work either I'm out of suggestions.

All 3 Generic zigbee motion drivers report only motion status (and battery).

Also when I discover this device, it has 3 endpoints....can this be the problem?

On the generic zigbee motion/humidity driver, you will need to wait at least 5 minutes to verify no humidity, the device regularly reports this every 5 minutes unless there is a drastic change from the previous measurement. It may not show the device details upon immediate pairing, but when the device updates in 5 minutes it should if it is going to.

If no go this it sounds like they probably won't do it.

We don't have a driver that exposes everything this device is capable of producing, without me having a sample to investigate I can't speculate what the issue is or isn't, but it's unlikely the multiple endpoints are the problem.

Hello is it anything new about driver for this sensor?

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Same situation with mine, only motion status.

Hi, it's only working the motion status.

1 Like @joaomf The Tuya-multisensor 4 em 1 driver is now available here : [ALPHA] Tuya Zigbee Multi-Sensor 4 In 1

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Hi @kkossev,

The 4 sensors are updating. I'll check at different times and compare it with other sensors I have here.


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