Best Zigbee Multi Sensors?

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I am wondering what you feel are the best zigbee multi sensors. I currently have a Aeotech Z-wave Multisensor but I don't want to invest any more into z-wave devices. I find them to just be a total pain. Any suggestions?


What functionality are you looking for in a "multi-sensor"? Temp? Humidity? Motion? Contact? Lux? Acceleration/Gyro?

There aren't any zigbee multiesensors that I'm aware of have all the same measurements as the multi 6, so you need to pick the specific measurements thay youre interested in, then we can offer sugestions.

Wow I’m surprised there are no Zigbee multisensors. Primary is motion, secondary would be lux. I might end up sticking to the Aeotech sensors to avoid having lots of sensors posted around. Ideas?

Your best bet on Motion, Lux, and Temp for zigbee would be the Hue Indoor or Outdoor Motion Sensor


I would be wary of using lux indoors unless you only trip in one direction. So, if you only use it to turn lights on it would work or if you only use lux to turn lights off it would work. But a lux sensor being in the same room as the lights you're trying to'll end up flashing the lights on and off as the sensor updates. I use outdoor lux for this. It's a much more stable indicator of whether I'd need the lights on indoors. So, just be sure you really need lux before going out of your way to find a sensor that has one. If you have the multi 6 now, do your automations with lux work well? Does lux play a crucial part in them? Hopefully with a good motion sensor, you wouldn't need lux too.

Would a Hue bridge be needed to integrate into a HE environment (along w/a custom device driver to exploit all sensing features offered? Would the companion Hue app. still work for configuring w/o the bridge?

You can't use sensors connected to the Hue bridge as they are not exposed to the Hue API. The Hue motion sensor in this case would have to be connected directly to Hubitat and there is a built-in driver for doing exactly that.

So that available driver for HE allows for the same configuration settings that Phillips shows can be set/tweaked using their app?

I believe so, yes. But if you pair the sensor to the Hue Bridge, you can't use it in Hubitat anyway. You can only use it in Hue.

I think all I could change using the Hue app was motion sensitivity. Not sure what all the features you’re seeing are.

I have 3 of the Aeotec multi's. I connected them to power and they're rock solid for me. I set them to report often because they're powered. I even have one on an extender to reach a plug. I only get them when absolutely necessary because of their price. Aeotec is really expensive for some reason. The nice thing about them is if you pair them on power, they will act as repeaters. I love that about them.

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I have 3 of the Aeotecs and averaging them all together to determine lux in the house works wonderfully. It does depend on how evenly your house is lit in daylight and nighttime because you'd want them spread out to avoid overlap, but I've had this set up for quite a while with great success. I hope I can explain this correctly, but even when I started with one sensor, I never had problems with the lights flashing on and off, but typically there's not a firm line where you turn the light on and it never matches the level in which you would turn it off. So, there's room to move on that. In other words, you don't turn on a light unless you notice that you can't see well enough. you more likely will turn it off when you're done. The levels are never close to the same. So, you can leave some space to account for this. Also, there are other triggers that would turn a light on or off, so I just don't think that flashing lights should really be a concern.

Yes and more options actually...

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After seeing on these replies I am still amazed there are no real Zigbee equivalents. I may not be able to drop z-wave after all. I love my Aeotech Multisensor.

I would only use the Lux sensor to determine the default dimmer levels. In the evenings it would be darker and darking the day it would be brighter. I would never use Lux inside for both on and off. Only for default settings.

The one Aeotec that I have is connected to power and yes I agree. It has been rock solid. Its worth every penny. I was just hoping there was a Zigbee equivalent.

In the exact same boat I have them only because they can be contacted to power and repeat and it's really annoying that there is no zigbee equivalent. I have been informed that there may be a powered one being designed/built at the moment though so hopefully that's happening soon and it would be ZigBee 3.0.

I've been (slowly) replacing my MS6 with Aqara ..... I find that an Aqara Motion Sensor (motion & light) and an Aqara Environment Sensor (temperature, humidity and pressure) can combine to work as reasonable replacements for the MS6.

Obviously it's a compromise, but price makes a lot of difference if you're kitting out many rooms! And having two separate devices means you can locate each one optimally for its specific purpose.


I bought this zigbee multi sensor and I will receive it in a few days.

Which driver should I try to use with this sensor ?