Best way to integrate Blue Iris and Hubitat?

Can anyone who is using Blue Iris and Hubitat tell me if there’s a better way to accomplish what I’m currently doing?

I’m currently using Webcore to integrate Blue Iris and Hubitat. If a door, window, gate, etc. is opened, I use Hubitat to send an HTTP command to Blue Iris to pan and zoom cameras towards the door or window that was opened. Going the other way, if Blue Iris’s AI confirms a person is on the property at night, it sends an HTTP command to HE to turn on all outside security lights and set them to 100% . Things generally work although I sometimes see delays of 4 or 5 seconds when commands are issued from Blue Iris to Hubitat.

I see an app called Blue Iris Fusion mentioned on this forum and I’m wondering if it will provide better integration or is what I’m doing now just as good? I know I could try it out but after my experience with “that other platform,” I’m very hesitant to make unnecessary changes to my Hubitat environment as it’s been ROCK SOLID for many months.

So, does anyone have experience with BI/HE integration via Webcore or rule machine vs. Blue Iris Fusion or the BI Control app (that appears to be deprecated?). Are there advantages to one approach over the other or is it a wash?

TIA for any thoughts.



It sounds like you have the HE side setup correctly. If you're seeing a 4 to 5 second delay I would have to question how you have your AI trigger configured in BI.

I have Blue Iris (detection by CodeProject AI) send a command as a local endpoint to Hubitat and then issue a speak command to announce people on my property. Your 4-5 second delay is about what I'm seeing. I attribute that to the processing by CPAI and, mostly, cloud processing of the speak command.

Sounds about right to me. I don't use Webcore but rather RM to accomplish similar things. I cant think of anything I would like to do that can't be accomplished with this approach.

Thanks everybody! I've run Blue Iris before. If I can integrate that with Hubitat that might be the easiest thing to do... I'm in the middle of converting over to Hubitat and hope to get to this soon.