Best Way to Handle Presence Notification for One User?

I'm currently using Alexa to toggle a virtual switch which I then use in webCoRE to control various pistons. It's been working well enough but lately it has gotten really intermittent (Alexa, not Hubitat or webCoRE). I'd like to do this entirely in Hubitat if it can be done reliably. What are my options?

You can add @jwetzel1492 's WIFI Presence Sensor driver and give your phone a permanent IP address on your router. Then add the Hubitat mobile app and enable location. Combine the two sensors with the Combined Presence sensor (also by @jwetzel1492). Although I haven't had good luck with the Hubitat mobile app reliably determining when I leave and arrive. I have been using homebridge and Apple's built-in Home app to relay presence back to Hubitat. This works perfectly.

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Note that for the Wifi presence sensor:

  • Like Ken said, go into your Router and assign a permanent IP address to the phone.
  • But the most recent versions of iOS and Android will periodically scramble the MAC address that they report to Wifi routers. They do this to prevent tracking as you're out and about, but this confuses your home router too. You can turn that feature off on your phone for just your home wifi network, so that the phone will always send the same MAC address, and then the router will send your permanent IP address back.
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I just run Life360 and an ST presence sensor (In vehicle, hacked with AA battery) in tandem. They are combined in a simple piston to a virtual presence device created in HE.

Are you a Lutron user by chance? If so, the lutron app work very reliably for presence. the only real drawback is that you can only use it for one user.