Best Smart Curtains?

Packs of two mate :wink:

They come with remotes too, but ask for the one in the pics, as they are nicer.


I complained I didnt get one, and they sent 3 :slight_smile: One for each I'd previously ordered too.

Yeah there's an option for 'remote' and 'wall remote'. I'm guessing 'wall remote' is the square one, looks like the better option.

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There's another version too, looks like it's just wifi controlled rather than z-wave.

£30 per set cheaper too. If you get a Broadlink RM, you could still have them controlled via HE. I just went for the easier option, and got them connected directly to HE.

What would the Broadlink RM do, not heard of those. It sounds like the Harmony Hub but for RF, is that right?

Z-wave does look to be the simplest option though!

It can learn the IR codes of the remote, and also integrates with HE now thanks to this dev.

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Sorry also forgot to say the the RM Pro also does RF frequency too. I tried it with my old LightWaveRF devices and it worked :wink: Mines been sat in its box since I bought it nearly 3 years ago :smiley:

I think i'll go for the z-wave option, is the driver built-in to HE

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Yeah just the standard Shade driver.


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Not got one yet! Tempted by the zigbee version as I have no other z-wave devices and it's a bit cheaper!

Do you think this driver will work for it?

I would reckon so :wink:

Please let me know how you get on with this zigbee device, if you decide to buy it. I'm interested in this too!

From the pictures it looks like the zigbee unit doesn't have a plug, not sure how it's wired up!

It'll have a 3 prong electrical connection underneath the motor I suspect, like my Z-wave ones.

I guess not. It looks like you power the switch, which in turn powers the rail according to this video.

Messy! I'll stick to zwave.

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You could always bypass the switch and not use it?

I think he said the zigbee receiver was in that unit.

Ah, bummer :expressionless:

Thanks for the recommendation on these. They work and look great!!
I wonder if anyone has tried these yet with Hubitat? Looks like a new zigbee version and they are a bit cheaper than the Z-Wave ones.

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I'm glad you like them :+1: I'm almost a year in with mine now, and they've been working flawlessly :slight_smile: Its the only part of my hobby that the Mrs actually likes! :joy:

It looks like they have different ceiling fixings on that video, much nicer than the ones I have, maybe I'll see if they can send me some of those.