Best Smart Curtains?

Hello All,

I am researching smart curtains and wanted to ping the group too see what people recommend and what works well with Hubitat.

Thank Again

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I'm in the UK and have Silent Gliss curtains.
Using a Fibaro FGS 222 double relay switch I'm able to control opening and closing of the curtains.

Have to say, I'm really impressed with the Zemismart ones.

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Zemismart looks interesting, can they open partially? I have two Axis Gear they cost a little more and are Zigbee rather than Z-Wave but work on my wood blinds and curtains and can open partially. I have Hubitat opening and closing based on a schedule and if they are closed before the schedule runs the light the rule usually turns on at that time won't be turned on in case one of us went to bed early.

They can yes :+1:

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I wasnt sure at first so did a test :wink:

dev:48042019-08-28 20:03:48.621 infoLounge Curtain is open
dev:48042019-08-28 20:03:40.623 infoLounge Curtain is partially open
dev:48042019-08-28 20:03:39.675 infoLounge Curtain is opening
dev:48042019-08-28 20:03:22.211 infoLounge Curtain is partially open
dev:48042019-08-28 20:03:15.619 infoLounge Curtain is partially open
dev:48042019-08-28 20:03:08.646 infoLounge Curtain is open
dev:48042019-08-28 20:03:08.087 infoLounge Curtain is closing

@Royski Is that something someone across the street will interpret as a secret SOS message and call the Homeland Security folks. Beware. :wink:

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Hahahaha, should have seen me on the first days install, open,close, open, close, open, close. Neighbours must have thought we were mad. I was litterally a giddy kid :joy:

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Hi Royski with the Zemismart curtains they are Z-wave so there is a driver in HE that will work with them if so which one do you use thanks for the help

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Yeah they use the standard Generic Z-Wave Shade driver :+1:

Now that is good news now need to check to see if they are Z-wave Australia frequency

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If not, they also do Zigbee. Although I have no idea which driver would be ok for those. But they have great options.

Question do you have to order left or right hand and open to left or right or center or is it up to you the way you assemble

If you are in Australia, you would need to get the Southern hemisphere version so that they could be mounted on the ceiling rather than the floor. :wink:

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You can connect the motor at either end, if they close when supposed to be open (with the remote) you can switch that around so its correct.

I bought one for my bay window, as its just not suited to blinds. I was so impressed I ordered another two for dining room, and master bed. I'll be doing the rest at some point. I did mess up with one, and had to order a new cord (Amazon had them) so all in all, very happy.

Can't seem to find anything on Z-wave frequency just on plug us eu and uk so maybe not for Australia but will send them an email and ask the question
I am after 5 of them all up but need 1 to open to left 1 to open to right and 3 to open in center

The Z-wave connection is a little dongle with an RJ11 connection, so hopefully they do Aus frequency too. You can set them up as just one way opening, left or right and center. Cool video here, although not Z-wave it gives you a good idea on install and how they work.

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Wow they look pretty good Thanks guys

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Thanks all, this looks like the best bet to start with I am thinking :slight_smile:

I’ve never looked into zemismart blinds before, but from what others have posted in this thread, they have zigbee and z-wave devices. The device that you linked to doesn’t appear to support either?