Best Remote for Ikea Blinds?

Hey everyone

I have successfully paired my Ikea blinds to HU - and I understand that I cannot use the Ikea remote that came with the blind.

Any suggestions on a remote to use with my blinds?

Are they blinds or shades?

I am using Picos on my Graber shades. I use the 5 buttons (top to bottom) for:
Top (button #1) = Open shade all the way
Up (button #2) = Open/close shade to 75% open
Favorite/round (button #3) = Open/close shade to halfway open/closed
Down (button #4) = Open/close shade to 25% open
Off (button #5) = Close shade all the way

I haven't (yet) done anything with double-tap or press-hold on the Picos. We're just getting used to having shades - we got the first one last fall.

With blinds you need a different set of options.

I'll check that out. Do you have a link to them? Do I need a separate hub or will they connect directly to HU?

No, you need a separate hub (Lutron Caseta Pro) for the Pico remotes.

Some people get that hub just to be able to use the Pico remotes but that is kind of an expensive option as the hub is almost $US 100.00. I also use Lutron Caseta for all my lighting controls so it was sort of a "no brainer" for me.

Here's a link:

So I would connect the hub to HU (like with my HUE hub) and control my hue bulbs, ikea blinds, all via Lutron?

Do you know of any options that connect directly to HU?

I use Philips Hue Dimmer switches/controllers directly connected to HE

1 = All the way up
4 = All the way down
2 + 3 = Set the level up or down


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We had a thread going recently (within the last 90 days) about various button controllers - it generated quite a number of comments and suggestions. You might search for that. I will take a stab at finding it too . . .

Awesome. Thanks for this.

I did attempt to find a solution. Sorry about that.

Hey Andy
So this is the remote that is actually meant for their lights?

With the On / Off and 2 brightness buttons?

Yes, I just use it for other things :slight_smile:
You don't say where you are but in the UK they are less than £20 on amazon

I use tiny blobs of BlueTac to stick the plates on the wall so I can re position whenever I want

I still don’t understand why we can’t make the supplied ikea button to work with HE. I’m putting 12 of these blinds in a room and thinking of buying 12 new buttons is a bit expensive. Mainly thinking to throw away 12 in the first place.

Anyhow, if at least we can get a remote with 24 buttons so we could have a direct access to every blind... that would be great. Anyone know any similar remote to with with HE? Simple OPEN and CLOSE is fine on the remote. If we want different pattern, we can do it on a phone with HE.

The lutron pico are great, but too expensive to buy 12 of them and also buying the bridge pro. By the way, what is the limitation in HE to prevent them to talk directly to the pico? I just replaced the wink hub but wink was talking to the pico without having to get a bridge pro.

Does anyone know if there has been any progress towards getting the remote supplied with Ikea blinds to work in HE?

During inclusion the remote is detected fine but needs a driver, I found an old one on github by morningz but nothing happens in the log when buttons are pressed.

Hi @anders
Unfortunately not yet. I’m getting more familiar with the code but i still don’t understand where people took the base information on the ikea blinds. And i didn’t have time to spent on this research.

Here, i used an old phone that I stick on the wall and use a dashboard to access every blind. But... yes i think it would be so much better using the supplied ikea buttons.

If anybody can direct me to the source of the ikea information I would give it another try (and most likely succeed).