Best price on C-8 today?

Does anyone know the best price, including shipping, on a C-8 today - 3/5/2023?

Amazon wants $169.95.

That is delivered tomorrow but I could wait a few days.

I think that the external antennae and newer chip would help with my laggy Zigbee network and hopefully my occasionally wonky, but still lovable, Z-Wave iBlinds.

You can buy it direct from Hubitat for $149.95 plus tax and shipping.


I bought directly from and Amazon fulfilled the order. It was a few dollars cheaper that route but I benefitted from Amazons fast delivery.


Directly from Hubitat I paid:

Hub >> $149.95 each

Shipping >> $5.00
(although 2 hubs were ordered I was only charged for shipping once) Thank you Hubbitat. Many other companies charge shipping for each device.

State Tax >> $8.995

Total for one for me >> $163.95


Ordered from Amazon to get delivery tomorrow. I didn't realize that the orders were fulfilled by Amazon. I could cancel and re-order but I won't. I did use my points to pay for part of it so there is that.

Yeah, Amazon fulfilled it, but i gotten faster (next day) than most anything else I order direct from amazon (usually at least three days, (with prime) and we have several (more than 10) amazon hubs and their regional air hub in our back yard (DFW Metro area) .

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We have used Amazon fulfillment for domestic US orders since the days of C-5, except for a brief hiatus when C-7 came out. For the most part they are OK, although they do lose a package now and then. They have over 100 fulfillment centers in the US, and Hubitat Elevation gets onto the shelves at many of those. The shipping we use is very similar to Prime, so it's not uncommon in larger metro areas to get next day delivery. Today, here in Scottsdale, Amazon says Overnight delivery is available free with Prime.

We prefer customers to order directly from


I was just (pleasantly) surprised, as even with Prime I rarely get anything in less than 3 days with them anymore. It's been like that for a while now. AS far as the migration process goes, it was pretty much seamless and effortless! The little bit of "housekeeping" I had to do was more a product of how I have things set up rather than anything you guys did or could have done. Even at that, the effort was pretty minimal.


Duly noted. Even though I am in the "not quite yet" demographic, I will be sure to take this path when I do make a buying decision.

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Hub: 149.95 $
Shipping: 36,40 $
Import (German duty + UPS charge :roll_eyes:): 48.93 € (52.01 $)
Total: 238.36 $



In the EU you can order here Hubitat Elevation C8 Smart Home Automation Hub I got mine there.

Cheers Rene


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Wow, the shipping and import charges really run that cost up!

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Well. That didn't go as expected.

I thought I was going to get a Hubitat Play Day.

I just followed the instructions and everything worked.

Fifteen minutes.



When I looked there (the day after the C8 launch), ultrasmart hadden't this offer yet. :sleepy:
There was no mention of it either...


Why not use a code GRABC8 from now through Sunday (12 MAR 2023) for 5 EUR off ?
The same code works at


As I've written:

the day after the C8 launch [...] ultrasmart hadden't this offer [...]
There was no mention of it either...

I can confirm that the folks have set alarm clocks in the middle of the night in Poland to be able to join and update their website as we went live on YouTube to announce the release of new hub. It might have been a delay on the website to update, but they have tried their best. Kudos for them and their efforts to make the C-8 launch successful world wide!


@Jost Let me explain. We also run C-8 was available there just minutes after 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning (1 MAR 23) so just minutes after the official announcement. That shop is just as easy to find on Google as started selling C-8 exactly at 17.23 1 MAR 23


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