Best orientation for hub & USB stick

New user here. I just received my hub. I noticed it has slots on the back that would allow for wall mounting . . . the got me thinking about the best orientation of the hub for best signal propagation throughout the house. Thoughts?

Thank you!

It really shouldn't matter. Repeaters are your friends. If you're covering a large area, that is where the focus needs to be.

Thank you. That sounds good. The wall mounting will definitely save some space.

Agree about repeaters. I am going to use this migration (to HE) as an opportunity to make the layout (and the location of repeater devices) a bit more rational than my original ST system.

Here's mine mounted to the underside of stairs.

I get great results in my small house, but I've got one of these Xbee devices on order to be able to see and reinforce my Zigbee network as well.

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