Best of both worlds - Hubitat + Z-Way

After discovering the wonderful z-wave device management tooling of Z-Way. I was going to build a full blown Z-Way binding just like the HubConnect to be able to take advantage of there tooling and sill be able to use HE.

But after some investigation I have managed to find a good compromise (Without no code development, for the moment :slight_smile: )


  1. Include the UZB Z-Wave as a secondary device into the HE Network
  2. Install and configure Z-Way with the previously included UZB Key (You will need a license unless you have RaZberry)
  3. Go to the Z-Way export UI (http://Z-WayHOST:8083/expert/#/network/control) and click Request network updates from SUC/SIS
  4. All the HE devices will start appearing in the Z-Way interface!
  5. Now you can start renaming the devices so they match you HE naming..
  6. Enjoy and start debugging you network

Some screenshots:

I am still investigating all the possibilities but this has already been very helpful in identifying and removing ghost nodes that were still present in HE event after numerous network repairs / restarts.....


Kind of like an Xbee for Z-wave then? Very nice!

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What kit do we need? Just a standard z-wave usb of specific one?

I used the USB (UZB – Z-Wave.Me) one but you could also use the RaZberry (RaZberry – Z-Wave.Me)

Where did you buy it? I can't find it anywhere in US flavor.

Is there a store on that web page for you? There isn't for me. It just has a link to for US and the cost of the controller there is 68.99.

Seemed really steep so I was wondering if somebody else had it.

You can contact them and buy direct. Or here...

To use Z-Way you will still have to go to the main site to buy a Z-Way license. So in total it will still come up to almost $70 like from the other site buying all together.

I saw the amazon listing but it is the EU flavor. It might be flashable but the comments were not friendly that flashing was easy or possible. Maybe I'll contact them directly.

Let me check with a couple of my suppliers.

That is the version of the US stick AND Z-Way license in a bundle. You won't find it much cheaper.


Okay, I saw that too but I missed in the description that the "WAY" part meant it had the license. Makes sense now. Yes, this would be the one to buy since it contains the license. Very good. Thank you!

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This looks great - just bought the PI version. Will see how that works out - I have a spare RPi lying around that can be put to good use...

Thanks again for the heads up on this!!!!

Am I correct in understanding that if you use the razberry, that the software license is included? It appears the purchase of the UZB and it's required licensed is almost double the cost of just getting the razberry.
The website is very light on info.

Yes normally the razberry comes with an embedded license. I read that somewhere

I can confirm this as well. I have the Razberry and UZB. Raz does come with a license.

That problem still persists huh? I had that problem 1.5 years ago. Used some pretty crummy tools to diagnose and remove them too. Made a HUGE difference on my zwave network.

I loved using my xbee on zigbee to map and get overall health status. This looks like a good zwave version! I'll be looking into this. Thanks!

Couldn't resist. This looks like its a great tool to work with the zwave network. I grabbed it even though it cost me 30$ in shipping. Some things are worth it.

Depending on how many are interested I may be able to get a discount on the UZB and Razberry.


Just added an additional screenshot (last one) were you can see the options that help me remove dead my nodes.