Best motion sensor on battery?

I currently have the aeotec multisensor 6 for motion on battery

Is there anything better than this ? Focus is motion , secondary is detecing light

I am looking for what detects motion the fastest while on battery

I currently only have Inovelli redline dimmers and color bulbs

I've no experience with that particular motion detector. However, I've found the Dome and Fibaro motion sensors to be fast.

On the zigbee side the Iris v2 and v3 motion detectors are quick.


I have a couple of the aeotec devices
For speed I recommend zigbee rather than z-wave
I use a lot of the smartthings motion sensors.
Not the cheapest but they have been very reliable for me

When I need lux sensing to, I use the hue motions sensors directly connected to HE
(No hue bridge needed)



can I automate with these as sensors within HE ? My undertanding HE can not see HUE switches or dimmers

I have Hue, but the bulbs I am using the motion / lux sensing with will be zwave bulbs

When connected to HE (not the hue bridge) they appear as any other sensor (except most do not have lux sensing)

This can then be used in any app or RM rule to turn on any type of light or switch
(zigbee, z-wave or any other)



Btw, I have a number of hue dimmers connected to HE directly (not via the bridge)
They seem to work quite well as I have an app that I created to use them



Like how secondary? Willing to use a separate device for lux? As others have already mentioned, you have a lot more options with motion-only sensors, and zigbee sensors tend to be fast. But other than the Hue sensors that Andy mentioned, I can't think of another popular zigbee motion sensor that also does lux.

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I am ok if I have to use 2 different sensors. The foyer area is the primary area where I would use two. I am ok with it

I value motion speed more than anything.

What I am doing in the foyer if LUX is over a certain amount do not trigger lights, if below a certain value then when motion is detected turn on lights

Iris motion sensors (model #s 3326L or iL07) are your best bet, and can still be obtained online.


I use a number of hue motion sensors some outside (external type) and some internal
I then ‘average’ the lux reading across a few of these to use with my lighting automations.

I use this to set an ‘evening’ mode which allows some of my motion automations to run.
I use others to turn on/off a virtual switch which also allows/restricts some of my motion lighting.



In my opinion, yes: almost anything. :slight_smile: They are slow to report motion for me, and they eat batteries (both!) much faster than any other sensor I have (which only take one battery, often even a smaller one). Maybe I have a dud, but they're also among the most expensive, and I'm not about to buy another to find out. I have mine on USB power as a "keep on" sensor to mitigate these annoyances (as I've acquired more sensors, I've started using "keep on" vs. "turn on" sensors in rooms, where one will turn [and keep] lights on and the other will just keep them on but not turn them on if it's the first to detect motion, allowing me to get greater range of coverage and eliminate the extent to which I notice the slowness of problematic sensors).

The Iris sensors mentioned above are my favorite, but they're discontinued and getting harder to find. For something new, the SmartThings v5 (2018/current-gen) motion sensor is pretty good and can often be found for under $20 USD. It's a bit bigger than some others but does have a lot of flexible mounting options. The Sylvania/Lightify motion sensor is also good and just a tad uglier than the Iris ones that are made by the same OEM (CentraLite--and I'd recommend pretty much anything they make if you can find it), but it also seems hard to find now. There are a lot of good Zigbee options depending on what you can find!

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Are Fibaro Motion Sensors any good ?

So far my Aeotec has Lasted for MANY MANY months and still at 100%. I just started using it heavly when moving it from ST to HE about 2 weeks ago.

Yup. Have two of them. They're as fast as my zigbee sensors.

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glad to hear it ! I might get one and test it out......

Any suggestions on the zigbee front sensor wise ?

I'd go with @bertabcd1234's suggestion above.

ahhhhhhhh got yah, didn't realize they where zigbee devices.

thanks for the feedback everyone

I just ordered two of the Fibaro Sensors

You can get a Lot of 10 of the Iris v2 3326-L Motion Sensors (new) for $50 plus ~$18 in shipping from the following site. Add a Lot of 10 Iris v2 3320-L Contact Sensors for another $50 and the shipping cost barely changes. So, for about $120, you get 20 Iris v2 Zigbee sensors, or $6 per sensor. Hard to beat that. Get then while they last!


thanks ! I will check it out

The Iris 3310-L2 Zigbee outlets make very good Zigbee repeaters for these sensors. I have a bunch of the Iris 3310-L outlets around my house, supported a strong zigbee mesh for my Iris Motion, Contact, and Leak sensors, as well as some Sengled RGBW bulbs. This combination has been very solid and the performance is blazing fast. Take a half step into any of our bathrooms and the lights are on. Step into the shower and that light turns on, as well as the exhaust fan. For me, Iris Zigbee sensors plus Lutron lighting "just works", every time. :slight_smile: