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Yes it can. I highly recommend you do not do it. Tomorrow is not promised.


The moment I wrote to you about this ... one of my bulbs died lol. It was in an open enclosure and everything. It's incredibly faint, even after a factory reset. Good thing I have spares.


Sorry, it just seems to be the A19 RGBWs. 2 year warranty at least.


@SmartHomePrimer When you put in or take out a lamp cord or any electrical appliance, your fingers can be a quarter inch from the live electricity at the prongs of a plug. My fingers are seldom that close to live electricity.
Speaking of lamps, so many have been rewired incorrectly, mistakenly thinking that there isn't a difference between the two wires. The neutral wire is the side with a slight roughness and goes to the oversized prong on one end and the outside of a screw base socket. Wired incorrectly, the screw socket is hot rather than the center contact. Changing a lightbulb would expose fingers to the metal base of the bulb since turning off the lamp would not cut the hot wire.
I am very careful and likely far more wary of potential shock risks than the average homeowner. I know when I need to switch off the breaker.


Sorry but there isn't a licensed electrician on the planet that would condone that. If you don't zap yourself, one of these times you'll accidentally touch a wire to the grounded metal box and possibly fry that expensive smart switch or module. It's just so simple to turn off a breaker. I can't agree with it and don't condone posting the idea. I understand you are saying that it has never happened to you and you are careful. Accidents don't happen on purpose or run on a schedule. There's always time for them.

Agreed. The Hot wire is the side of the cord with the writing on it, and as you say the narrower of the two prongs. What you say about changing bulbs is the reason people have always been advised to unplug a lamp before changing the bulb, since many older lamps will have non-polarized plugs on them, making that scenario easy to create.


I'm not condoning it at all and I wouldn't advise anyone do it. I have more issues with sites like this giving advice on wiring and that happens all the time.


I have repeated many times I would not advise anyone do it. End done. The more you respond the more attention


agreed and off topic! Prime Day is over - Let the thread die