Best Finds During Prime Day


Not home for a few more weeks.
Since the Show 5 is about the size of a cell phone screen can you put a dashboard on it using something like brave browser?
Is there any lag issues with it like on the fire hd tablets?


Too true, but a deal is a deal, and I did post on prime day


Lol. Lawyer?


would you mind? what is the FCCID of your bulbs that went bad. I hope it's not the new ones :pensive:


image New and old. I had hoped the same thing. The new ones may behave better on the network, but they die just as fast. I should say that I haven’t had a single tunable white A19 bulb die, and I have 10 of them. I have 27 RGBW A19s, 6 BR30 RGBW, 6 Rt6 RGBW, 3 RT6 HO RGBW, 5 TP-link A19s, and 17 Hue A19 RGBW plus 2 light strips. Looking at my amazon account , in the past 20 months I’ve had to replace 2 Sylvania BR30s, 20 (out of 27) of the Sylvania RGBW A19s, and had no issues with the rest.
I just realized that 8 of the 27 are only a month old (because I have apparently lost my mind), so that means that these bulbs suck so bad that they have all been replaced, plus 1 of the warranty replacements has been replaced.


Got my first Sonos. Always wanted to get one since they added airplay 2 support to it and the deal was too good to pass up.

Sonos One (Gen2) discounted to 185 and then you get a 65$ credit on top of that. Could only order one but at least I get to play now.

I currently have a bunch of Apple Airport Express' that were updated with Airplay 2 support spread around the house hooked up to speakers and it works really well. Yes its all apple based but whatever we are listening to on our phone we just select where to send it and enjoy.


Now you tell me :cry:


Now I feel bad.

I'm surprised your not on the redflagdeals forums. All the good sales are posted there for us Canadians.


I overspent when I was. This thread alone has done enough damage to my balance! :wink: Probably for the best.

Good find. Enjoy!


Oh no! I hope mine don’t do that.

I’ve had nothing but good luck so far—my Sylvanias have been running smoothly for a few months, and ordered another Downlight to replace where I had an echo dot mounted in my ceiling.

Mine are always powered on—are yours on a physical switch? Maybe there's some defect in that part of the bulbs.


If she does, she will need to do the installation.


Mine are always on. When we moved in I replaced all of the switches and dimmers with standard switches and put switch covers on them so the lights wouldn’t get accidentally turned off. I have noticed that these bulbs get ridiculously hot. Much hotter than the hue or TP-Link bulbs. Probably shortens their lifespan. FYI, I replaced all of the enclosed light fixtures with open ones before I installed the bulbs.


Yeah, I am thinking of letting her do the installation on the Washroom and Kitchen first. Probably without turning off the circuit breakers as well. :wink:


I seldom turn off breakers when I replace switches etc. She shouldn't have too much trouble. Bare feet and wet floors might work.


And how do you do that keeping yourself safe.

Electrical Gloves ?


I test each wire to make sure I know which wire is which. I remove the wires from the device one at a time and wire nut each. I remove the hot wire first and then line, neutral and ground. On the new switch, I attach ground first, followed by neutral, line and finally the hot. There are situations where I do switch off the breaker but only if I am doing many things on the same circuit. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone but I have been doing my own wiring for close to 60 years and seldom ever even get slightly zapped.


Lol, I do the same, I usually only turn off the breaker after the 3rd or 4th zap... I replaced about 50 switches in my house and the regular 1 gang boxes are easy if you are careful but those @$#& 3 gang ones left me glowing...


I know you’re joking, but please alter your post to say as much. Some people are not the sharpest knives in the block.


I am not joking and I did say I wouldn't recommend anyone try the same. I will say again. Don't do what I do. It can absolutely be dangerous. It could kill you. It could kill me.


I do not see a way of side loading any browsers. Perhaps you could do dashboard with the silk browser.

I also find it to be a bit slow.

For the purposes I wanted it for it suits my needs.