Best Finds During Prime Day


Would anyone care to share the best deals they find during these Prime Days? For those starting out, going "smart" can really add up to an "expensive" home! But if we share our finds, we can all do more for less... Thanks in advance.


Also, for Prime members, there's 20% off tons of categories of Warehouse Deals right now so maybe there's some good open box - like new stuff to snag.


Sengled RGB bulbs having 25% off. And an additional 20% off if you are prime member.


Also [Phillips Hue RGB](Philips Hue Single Premium Smart Bulb, 16 million colors, for most lamps & overhead lights, Hub Required, Works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant are on sale


Do there need the bridge or they will work without it?


As usual, Hue bulbs can work paired directly to Hubitat without the Hue Bridge (which they are apparently now calling the "Hue Hub"--did they change something that actually makes it a hub now, or are they just caving to common terminology that doesn't distinguish?). However, this is generally a bad idea; there are easily a dozen posts between here and the ST forums (and presumably most ZHA hubs') where the perils of mixing Zigbee bulbs with "regular" Zigbee Home Automation (ZHA) devices is not recommended due to the bulbs' apparent poor repeating ability for these other devices.


I might get a couple of the br30 Sengled RGB, are they any good ? comes out to around $18 i thinks its a good deal. I dont have any RGB bulbs.


I had my morning coffee scouring this AM. Picked up a Yale Assure lock for $153. Best price I have seen. Others commented on the Hue stuff but they have the outdoor strip lighting the cheapest I have seen as well.


I don't have any of the BR30 Sengled RGBW bulbs, but I've played around with the A19. The good thing about them is that they are not repeaters, so they aren't plagued with the problems most other Zigbee bulbs have of wreaking havoc on a mixed Zigbee network. (The bad thing is that if you get a lot, they are "end devices," i.e., not repeaters, and you will need repeaters to overcome the 32 end-device limit of the hub alone.) Even when not on sale, I think they're also pretty reasonably priced.

The only bad thing about them is that I think Hue is better. :slight_smile: Compared to a Hue bulb, I think Hue is a little bit brighter, especially at non-warm-white colors/color temperatures, and I think Hue does super-warm whites a bit more convincingly. Hue also appears to dim more smoothly, with 1% being in fact fairly dim, but on Sengled I have a hard time telling the difference between even 100% and values that are a fraction of that at some color temperatures. However, Hue obviously costs more, and if you're mostly using them for warm white (or any white in a small room or multi-bulb fixture where you're less likely to notice the lower output) and just want everything else as an occasional extra, they're not bad. And unlike Hue, they do make much brighter single-color-temperature bulbs.


8-pack of Sengled A19 soft white bulbs 30% off at checkout = $53.89

That just $6.70 per bulb.

Stock up if you're trying to replace old GE Link, Cree, or Osram/Sylvania bulbs.

Daylight version is also on sale for same price.


The Sengled CT bulbs with the clear top are very bright for 800 L and they are only $13.99 on Amazon.


I grabbed a lightning deal for 2 Ecolink motion sensors for $25 each and a Deal of the Day on a pair of TP-Link Kasa smart plugs (the HS103) for $21. Looking forward to using them for some LED rope lighting.

Also grabbed 2 10TB WD Reds for the NAS for $215 each.

There were some other random deals that were great, but I didn't need. Was really tempted by the 4k Fire Stick + echo dot for $23, but I'm just not an Alexa guy. Already swimming in Google minis, Chromecast Ultras, and plenty of Rokus.


NOT a prime day deal , but I'm having great success with the new sylvania zigbee bulbs. New SOC in the bulbs, both BR30 & A19, as well as the Gardenspot lights. Franko Lighting on amazon has the BR30 for about 11 bucks, full color bulbs(i paid 9 bucks 2 months ago) also sold on fleabay.
The new FCCID = DZO-Aether indicates the new chipset inside and I have xiaomi devices connected thru them no issues. Did my first test on smartthings, 5 weeks xiaomi water sensor thru A19 bulb, still going strong. On hubitat added Sylvania bulbs to my existing mesh without issue.
Got 8 full color track light fixture/bulbs, 6 BR30's and 4 A19's and I'm very happy.
Check out the BR30 LQI. Somehow all my tradfri stuff(plugs,repeater)are junk, outside of the bulbs.


Personally, I will not be buying any more of the Sylvania A19 RGBWs. I have 6 currently to send back under warranty because the bulbs burned out (became extremely dim like a nightlight at their brightest, or randomly started flickering after warming up). I have already had 8 replaced under warranty during the first 6 months of use. I would recommend the Sylvania RGBW RT6 lights without reservation over the BR30s. They have deeper more accurate colors, and none have quit working, or given me any other problems and they realistically go down to 1900K. They have been selling for $11 each which is a steal.


Is that a map of your zigbee/zwave mesh? What program is that?



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He is using an Xbee


But the path is too narrow young padawan.


Anyone still using Fire Tablets as a controller of sorts? I still need to set mine up, but I might want a couple more. Not sure if going with the new Walmart Onn tablets would be better (they are pure android)


Got me a show 5. 25% off and 25 trade in credit from my gen 1 preorder echo. That and one of the sengled led strips. 55 dollars. Not too bad.