Best Finds During Prime Day


I am using the fire 8hd for a dashboard with a wireless dock and like the form and price but it gets very laggy and I have to reboot and clear the cache afew times a week which is annoying.
I also have a year old samsung tablet with no lag issues.
I really wanted to like them but no I would not buy another fire tablet again.
I am going to try the new show 5 though abit small for dashboards but mainly for my ring dooorbell.


I too just cashed in on the Prime Trade-In 25% off deal to upgrade a DOT to an Echo Show 5.


I bought about 15 hue white bulbs at Home Depot last week for about $6 each. The added benefit of being on the Hue hub for cool automations only supported by that ecosystem.


The Axis gear window blind controller is on sale today on
Cheapest price I have seen it in Canada $249.00 canadian. Oh plus Canadian tax (gst) so $261 canadian.
I bought one on sale direct from Axis afew days ago ($174 us) and got hammered on shipping and conversion ($270 canadian) oh well not terrible


Just bought 2 of the Yale Assure locks for $153 each and Ring pro with a free echo dot for $154 which is $95 off.
Also bought an echo show 5 for $50 which is a steal.


I bought a couple of these in the UK..

£30 off! :slight_smile:


The Lenovo tablet with dock on treasure truck today would be a good interface.


Have you received it? And even if you have, there’s still time for the courier to hit you up for import and handling charges. Just received a $35 CAD bill from FedEx weeks after they delivered an item I didn’t ask to be sent FedEx. Product was $35 US, Shipping was $20 US. Dropped at my door with no signature and now they want me to pay extra, three weeks after they deliver without the right of refusal :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I got one of those bills from ups last month sent to me via regular mail canada post. Similar thing $20 charge for a $35 item. I just tossed it no proof I recieved it.
Will see if I get charged on this. Lots of times there is nothing.


Picked up the Google Home Hub for $60, couldn't pass up on the price.


Hue E27 colour bulbs on for $30 CAD (lightening deal)

E12 colour are $35 CAD (that’s a more rare to find discount)


All the hue deals give a higher price cuz I live in Calif. What's the deal...


Since virtually everything in California gives you cancer "Prop 65" Hue has special CA versions to be compliant.


Could be the lead used in the bases?


For Canadian

Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch and Remote Kit for Wall & Ceiling Lights, P-PKG1W-WH-C, White
CDN $61.99 + 20% off. This is an awesome price!

Wife is going to kill me :cold_sweat:


I bought 7 Google Home Minis at Lowe's for $22.50 each with military discount. I bought a bundle of paste brushes from Amazon for $6.98 IIRC. Amazon won't be getting rich off me this year.


Like @NoWon said they can get laggy and I also don’t like how locked down they are. You can’t bypass the lock screen (unless your root or set up dev mode) which is either not possible on all models or breaks other things. To me this is important if you want to use it for anything important like arming or disarming as you may wake up one morning to it rebooted and locked.

I highly recommend going with a pure Android tablet. Way less restrictions.

@nowon if you have the google play store installed try remove it. I think that is what helped with my lag. I saw it mentioned in another thread. Doesn’t make sense but seems to work for me.


I did remove the google play store and it maybe helped a bit (not a lot) then I needed something from the play store and had to re add it.
Will try removing it again but lag like this on new electronics just should not be happening running basic s/w


Totally agree. That is why I just don’t like recommending the fire tablets. But the price tag sucks everybody in.


And its here already. Gotta love amazon. My boy loves his new "game light". I am actually very happy with the echo show 5. It makes a perfect little bedside alarm clock.