Best cost-effective motion sensors

I am looking to get 5 additional motion sensors around my house to automate lighting, such as top and bottom of the stairs, walk-in closets, etc. I already have a couple of smartthings & philips hue motion sensors that work well, but I wanted to add several more, but don't want to spend $100+ on motion sensors... I just need some basic ones that does the simple job well, and last decently long. e.g. I don't need the Aeotec 6-in-1 for $50+.

What are some user-favorite sensors here that are cheap, but work reasonably well with HE? Anything good I can get for around $10/unit?

Thanks all!

The only new ones I know in that price range are the Sonoff zigbee 3.0 motion sensors. Haven't heard any complaints.

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Thanks! will check them out. any old cheap favorites that tend to work well I should also check out? I keep hearing about Aqara but heard they often lose connection when connected directly to HE.

If you don't need any right now wait for the 3.0 versions.

The older Aqara sensors only lose connection when they're not connected directly to the hub. When pairing them, I let them sit next to the hub for a day or so before moving them to their final location. If they don't stay connected that first day, you just have to try again. Once they're connected directly to the hub, they're stable and very good on batteries. I've read that the IKEA stuff act as a successful repeater, but I don't have any experience with those.

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Oh i see, that's good to know. thanks!

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