Best alkaline batteries for locks

I've mostly used Procell batteries in my Schlage locks (BE469, FE599) for ~5 years. Over 5 years, average time between battery replacements for both locks is ~130 days.

The two times I used Costco Kirkland batteries, I got less than 90 days of use before the locks stopped working.

Are there better alkaline batteries than Procells?

Anyone tried Duracell Quantum? Supposedly they're the highest charge density alkaline battery.

Schlage doesn't recommend lithium batteries based on their discharge characteristics. Anyone with long-term experience using lithiums?

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Duracell are crap. Cheap batteries that leak in products when they are forgotten.

I did some research into this some years ago. The Maxell are very good.


How long do the Maxells last in your locks?

About 7 months in the August Smart Lock under heavy use. The AAA size in Okidokeys (now retired) was around 6 months.

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I have been using Energizer Lithium's since April, haven't changed the batteries once, but most of my locks may only get unlocked/locked once per day, so not much traffic on them.

The only downfall I see with using Lithium's is that they all 3 still show 100% battery even being in their since April. You know that cannot be right, so one day it will be 0% I'm assuming without warning.

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Yeah lock manufacturers base their battery calculation on Alkaline and they also react very differently under motor load according to the lock manufacturers


I've tried various and I keep coming back to Rayovac Ultra Pro batteries. I have never had one leak on me yet and have gotten a couple of years out of a set in alarm keypads and two locks. These are from their industrial product line and my father-in-law got me hooked on them. I have had a 9 volt in my multi-meter for over 8 years now and still going strong. But Rayovac was purchased by Energizer so I don't know what the future will be for them.


My current Yale YRD256, I cannot remember for sure what brand they are. I think they are energizer industrial. I’m out but can check later for you. I purchased it in November and they are still going strong.

I should note that both my doors have no resistance on the bolt at all, so the motor is under minimal load.

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Yup - I spent the better part of a day ensuring no resistance for my deadbolt as well when I first installed it. Schlage locks go into high power mode very easily with resistance. And that kills battery life.


Adjusting the strike plate so there is absolutely no resistance is key to long battery life. I usually forget about the battery's because they last so long.


My experience with those batteries:
It's strange 3 show 100% and 1 is completely down. The battery draw is very uneven.

Also, it makes a big difference how insulated the battery compartment is. In the winter here (the frozen north), batteries just don't last long.

Nonetheless, those are definitely the best batteries.

Yup - I remember grinding the strike plate carefully with my Dremel, and smoothing out the bolt cavity in the frame.

Same as @waynespringer79, I ended up using lithium batteries for my locks and smoke detectors. It's actually cheaper for me in the long term.
We use one of the lock at least 5 times a day and after 8 months. The lithium is still holding strong.


Originally I used Energizer in my Kwikset, but they only lasted about 6 months. I'm current;y using Rayovac Fusion. First set lasted about a year. Current set has been in for about 5 months and says 60% battery left.


I use the Duracell Quantum in my Kwikset Z-Wave Lock. Been getting 6+ months out of them. Its at the front door and gets a lot of use. I used other brands prior but usually only lasted 3-4 months.


Well I think, like me, you are a tinkerer. I saw some guy on the web who converted his kwikset to use 18650 lithium. I will undertake this project shortly. Right now I get about 1 year with Energizer alkalines. I just put the Energizer aa lithiums in last week. We shall see how long they last.

@aaiyar :rofl: I couldn't have been more wrong. Well maybe I could have been a little more wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My Yale YRD256 lock was installed late November 2018. These are the original batteries. It's our front door lock so it sees a lot of use and every time we arrive home, HE unlocks it automatically, so the Z-Wave radio is used often.

The lock batteries are currently showing 58% in HE device details. They are some Chinese battery I've never heard of. They have a label on the battery that was added afterward, but that is in Chinese too. Kind of weird. Here's some picks. It says DMEGC on the batteries :man_shrugging:


Ha! Still going to try a few recommendations from this thread.

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Yeah I wouldn't bother trying to find those! :joy:
Sounds like the Rayovac Fusion are a good choice today. Or just do what I plan to do when these are dead. Put in rechargables and just ignore the battery level. :wink:

I have the August lock on the back door, so we can always get in that way if needed. If that doesn't work, I've got a 24 hour convenience store close by, so can always buy a 9 volt :grin:

Like @waynespringer79 and @Navat604 I have been using lithium for several years now. Rboy on the ST forum posted some research he had done and suggested them and that is when I switch. Mine usually last me at least a year. The only issue and reason manufacturers don’t recommend them is once they die quickly vs gradually. But I have 2 electronic locks so chances of both dying on the exact same day are slim to none so I can always get into my house. YMMV.