Best alkaline batteries for locks


I've had success with the Amazon Basics brand. They're cheaper than named brand, generally. Apparently they're manufactured in Japan. Never had one leak from disuse.


Well - I'd advise against the Kirkland ones from Costco. Definitely has those leak.


I have incredible luck with Li-ion batteries shaped like AA. These are not your normal lithium AA (LiFeS2), but rather the kind that go in our phones, tablets, and computers. You just charge them up and they go forever and when they finally reach too low you just charge them again.

This is the specs of what I used

  • Voltage:1.5V
  • Rated Capacity:1500mAh


I've been using Eveready now for about 6 months. Eveready lithiums battery in my Door locks with no problem Kwikset locks though.