BeSense Motion Sensor Zwave Plus Config Issue

I have the a BeSense Motion Sensor Zwave Plus. When I installed it, Hubitat recognized it and set it to use the correct driver.

Motion works as expected. However, I cannot change the Alarm Elimination Time or the PIR LED Enabled settings.

I'm new to Hubitat so it could simply be user error. I've tried just about everything I could think of but the configurations never change. The logs show the system setting the values but they don't seem to take.

Any help is appreciated!

Hubitat Elevation™ Platform Version :

Hardware Version
Rev C-4

Perhaps try the Super Basic ZWave Tool ??

It will query the device and get the parameters and you can then truly know what the device is retaining. You can then use the tool to force a value.

Are you pressing the tamper switch to wake the device up after making the changes?

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You have to hit the tamper switch 3 times to wake it up and set the configuration.

How good is the Besense Motion detector? I on the fence about buying one but want to make sure that it does a decent job? Thanks

I haven't had any issues with mine and have had them for 3 years now.

Thanks for the info.

Haha sorry I never responded. Thanks for the help, the tamper switch worked.

@leeonestop - This is a great motion sensor. I use it in the kitchen to turn lights on and off. No issues whatsoever. I have it mounted on the ceiling. It's a little bigger than I expected.

I also have several ofthe Zooz ZSE40 4 in 1 sensors (see link below) that are smaller and work better for me in my configuration. I particularly like the fact that these report temperature and humidity data. I use them in conjunction with the Ecobee lite instead of their extra temperature sensors.

But if you're just needing motion, the BeSense is terrific.

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Can anyone tell how to set the wakeUpInterval on the motion sensor/. Thanks

It's set with the jumper

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I when back and redid the jumper and I think that I got. Thanks for your help.

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do you mean that in a good way or bad way ?

Man I'm slow replying. I mean in a good way.

I use the BeSense in my kitchen without any issues for more than a year now. I did have to replace the two AA batteries, but that's because I had it in testing mode for quite a long time... I was lazy and didn't want to get up on the latter to reset it hehe.