Behind-switch module that requires no external load?


I have an C7. I have before i moved used dumb lamps with behind-switch smart modules, now when i have moved i thought i would use philips hue lamps (since i have to buy new ceiling lamps anyway), but i have realized that my fibaro dimmer 2 that i have used before requires a load or it wont send anything to the HE and since cannot be operated only as a transmitter to my HE.

I have been searching around for a few hours and have not been able to find an behind-switch module that works without an load, do anyone have some suggestion on this type of module?

One alternative is to use a dummy load, but i do not like this idea since it will draw unnecessary power (although quite small, but still) and i also not really have the room in the wall connection boxes for a dummy load as well as the module.
I also would like to use the momentary switches that is already installed to get unity in the apartment, these momentary switches will also be used for dimming the lights for specific situations that is hard to automate.

I was looking at the hue wall switch but to my understanding it is only sending pushed commands, and not hold or other types of commands.

Hope someone have been able to solve this same scenario and can help me!

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Stefan Larsson

Have you looked at Shelly devices?

Sounds like the Zooz ZEN51 or ZEN52 (double) would work.

I do not think they need a load connected since it is just a dry contact relay. They can report button events with momentary switches connected, such as pressed, held, released, and 2x-5x taps.

I am pretty sure I have done testing without a load, I could hook it back up if you want me to test something specific.


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