Battery reporting 200% (Linkind devices)

Interesting. I was showing 200% so I hit Configure and Refresh. It did change to 100% but that was six hours later .. I guess when it happened to check in.

All Linkind contact sensors reported battery % using the Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor and disabled temperature reporting.

@mike.maxwell Any idea why the (no-temp) version does not report?

But at lease in this case its contingent on the firmware version...
Also it appears that some are lk, and some LK as the manufacturer.
So the next hot fix should fix those with LK as the manufacturer

Does not report... doesn't report what?

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FWIW, after doing the Configure 12 hours ago (with a button press to wait it up), my water sensors have reported 100%.

Battery % does not report, open and close work

Nice catch on the manufacturer name!

Well drats. I just found this thread after posting a new one for the same issue.

I'm currently on I reset and repaired one of the MS100 motion sensors and hit configure but still get the same behavior.

please post the data section of driver details for both of the misreporting, thanks...

This is one of them. The other one just shows endpointId: 01


    endpointId: 01
    inClusters: 0000,0001,0003,0500,FF89
    manufacturer: TP-Link
    model: MS100
    outClusters: 0019

The sonoff will need to be re-included to function correctly.
Just factory reset it, then include it again (don't delete it from hubitat)
The TP-Link should report properly after the next hotfix.


Sweet! Thank you!

@mike.maxwell Did something else change in the Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor (no temp) driver in Since I updated to that from .115, none of my 8 Linkind Water Sensors have reported battery. They were doing it about every 16 hours. They all stopped since I upgraded to .116 yesterday evening (at 11-30 21:16).

4 of these devices have been doing the update-every-16 hours for 9 months now. I use Device Activity Check to let me know if I haven't heard from them in 24 hours, and tonight they all triggered.

E.g., this should have updated at 5AM:

I on and have 3 Linkind Water Sensors that are reporting battery using the "Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor" driver with temperature reporting = disabled.

ok, I switching one of my new ones to that. But this has been working fine for 9 months until I switched to .116.

And I know it's .116 - only 7 of them came up into tonight's report, because the 8th did it's last battery update just 15 minutes before upgraded to .116 (so it was still within 24 hours). But it's missed it's battery update since.

They will need to have configure run on them

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I had no issues for two years (other than one device reporting 200% battery) with seventeen Linkind Contact Sensors, six using the Generic Zigbee Contact (no-temp) driver, eleven with the standard version with temperature = disabled.

After installing 2.3.4 the devices using the (no-temp) driver version all stopped reporting battery. It was simply easier for me to change the driver, that thankfully fixed the non-reporting issue, than to factory reset and re-pair the devices.

Any future issues with these Linkind devices and I will follow @mike.maxwell 's configure advice. They are "sleepy" devices so the factory reset is perhaps the only reliable method of doing a configuration.

Just re-join them. As @mike.maxwell said don't delete the existing device. Add new Zigbee device, press and hold the button until the LED flashes to pair. It will go thru the join/configure process but using the existing device entry so nothing in HE needs to change.


You don't even need to rejoin them. Just open the device page, press Configure, then go to the physical device and press the button to wake them up.

This doesn't work for all devices. For instance, the Linkind leak sensors do nothing when you press the button.


So my MS100 sensors are good now, but the Sonoff after I re-paired and ran configure on it dropped down to 7% where it sat all night. This morning it's back up to 200%. :person_shrugging:

Well, when I pressed Configure and then hit the button, they did light up the red LED and make me think they were doing something. But the update has not taken effect as they only sent 1 battery value. I'll try resetting and re-pairing them.

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